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  1. Hi people, anyone offering any sort of minibus service for mk dons. Perferably arriving a good few hour before kick off so we can spend time at the local bars. Quotes for 2 people please thanks
  2. Always wondered this, it's not like theres some facial recognition or that every steward at the stadium knows every face banned Account wise they can just get a ticket from a friend?
  3. Cxrey

    Gran Turismo 7

    All gold licence All gold missions bar endurance Cafe done. I think its got to point though where I have no effort with circuit experiences and I'll end up just doing endurance races. Still trying to build up my car collection daily though.
  4. Okay so maybe it might still be voiced here and there but how about this one..... I really miss it and prefer it over the one that just repeatedly says wednesday
  5. I think they were checking tickets as I saw quite a few people turning upto the wrong blocks and them having to divert them. I didn't have any issues, I even looked directly at the guy that does the pat check and he didnt even ask to search or pat me down. Straight in to the turnstiles
  6. Inter City owl if you are happy using that service, £25 a head.. Youd have to sit in a group of 2 then the other 2 elsewhere together looking at the current seating plan
  7. You must be one of few that sing it then as ive not missed a game yet and dont recall hearing it once
  8. Just been watching sky sports football, they had the leeds game from 2014 when we won 6-0 Noticed the chant we'd 'sing' when we scored and realised that we don't do it at Hillsborough anymore.. Does anyone know the reason why? It only just came into my head that I haven't heard it for a good while.. If you arent familiar, with what I mean go to 2:45 on this song
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