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  1. Surely it's Moriarty you should be after Inspector?
  2. Smith and Ihekwie are on 9500 a week approximately
  3. Bagging was a poachers term for poaching obviously from the local farms in the area, I assume the club area was around there.
  4. You're the weirdo, they should be happy people/ fans want a picture taken with them rather than be abusing them etc, they are in the entertainment business and if they don't want to be recognised they can always be discreet.
  5. There can be only one, take a look at the 'If you need any encouragement thread' it can only lift your hopes ffs, I'm flogging a dead horse here. But I think he will be the hero
  6. Relax, we lost away in a friendly to a championship team, the blunts, championship team, lost away at the dingles league one, every cloud
  7. Well if you watch it Smith scores goals from passes by Vaulks, unfortunately one was against us but he took it extremely well Inspector, go on, have a watch, I guarantee you will be impressed mate.
  8. You're just watching his goals and passing and link ups with Smith it will probably surprise you or excite you for the coming season.
  9. ha ha I love you on here Inspector I really love your sense of humour don't ever change I wish some others were as funny. PS. Have you watched it and what's your opinion mate.
  10. I take it nobody's as excited as me then, or to busy in dressing room or just not interested in watching
  11. Absolutely brilliant my friend I'm thick as fizz at technology thanks for that I'm sure everyone will love it
  12. Watch the link when I manage to put it on that is, it's about 4 minutes long you will love it, he's a reyt player by looks of it, Wings not good enough to lace his boots
  13. So you could do it for me Inspector while I enrol on a course, I asked my 2 year old granddaughter but she was to busy have you watched it btw..
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