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  1. You must think that's a made up word but it's a team in Turkey, can you come up with a stranger/ Funnier name
  2. Obviously Celtic thought he was good enough ..
  3. Look, Liam is an Owl ok, he's also got a job as a footballer and in any job you want to earn as much money as you can, Celtic is a Massive club who play in Europe every year and win trophies it was a no brainer to try his luck there, it doesn't mean he's a traitor to us ffs, we can't blame a fellow owl for earning a living and me personally would love him back because I know for a fact he will give his all for the team he supports
  4. I love your sense of humour Inspector I wish everyone on here had it
  5. Not trying to build anything just quoting facts from the dictionary
  6. No Inspector it's teams of the same locality, but hey we both live in Rotherham and I don't know if you were born here but at the end of the day I like Rotherham or I wouldn't live here, I know I'm going to get some stick about who I watch but I expect that because I live in Rotherham who have a football team so obviously I will and I don't blame them, if I lived in Sheffield and supported Rotherham I would expect stick, it's not rocket science I just think live and let live, my mates give me stick but nothing serious because at the end of the day it's just football we are a big club and have a great history but we can't expect to live on history we have to make some new history where we rise again but let's not forget we have done nothing for 25 years ffs
  7. I do wear owls leisure wear anywhere no probs but not the matchday shirt
  8. Wrong any local game is a Derby, of course the only one that Matters to us is the piggies one
  9. I only wear it on match days, I don't have to let everyone know who I support any other days, why would I
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