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  1. I am unsure why he left it so late to make changes , the loss wasn’t all his fault but I can’t help thinking how making a change early on could have made quite a difference .
  2. Man City do not look confident on the ball , they are not playing the normal city . Liverpool deserves to be well in front .
  3. Yeah was just replying to the thread of someone saying no , Moore needs to be on his bike if we don’t get promoted.
  4. I personally agree with that , the question is who would be up to the job
  5. Do We stick with Moore next season if we are unsuccessful to get promoted ?
  6. *If moore is playing him in his propper position*
  7. As much as I like NML , he isn’t a striker never been a striker . Still Moore cannot see this , for the past two games their has been masses of chances missed because of not having 2 propper strikers. If Mendez laing is playing play him in his proper position . But I wouldn’t drop hunt Moral of the story not a striker .
  8. Can’t get owt that isn’t owned by him .
  9. Wouldn’t hurt having something like that , at least it’s not one of Chansiri’s company’s .
  10. Need a front sponsor now that isn’t anything to do with energy drinks or elev8 . Something propper .
  11. If storey is still not available, who would you start over him . Iorfa didn’t look the best Saturday do you change it and bring dunkley in or do you stick with it ?
  12. Time wasting to that extent , that’s what you deserve . ️
  13. Should be the whole 3 points today , just need to get an early goal and the game should be ours . Come on you Wednesday
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