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  1. He asked after more than two minutes of going on about having no cash, and sometimes payments are on time and sometimes they're late, do you think that it's normal behaviour for the chairman of any business to rant on like that without even knowing who he's speaking to? The lack of professionalism astounds me, but maybe I should be used to it by now with everything else that's going on around him.
  2. I haven't a clue what he looks like as I've only ever heard him on the radio, and I'm terrible with names and faces anyway.
  3. well that didn't work. Tried to insert a link but my I.T skills are not the best https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p092sdm8
  4. I can't see this posted elsewhere so apologies if it has been. Football Heaven - 'Negativity makes it more difficult' - BBC Sounds DC sounds like a deranged lunatic, even has to ask Giddins who he is at one stage. Worried for the health of the man, he's obviously struggling to cope
  5. Is it just me that can't work up any enthusiasm for a fixture list full of games that I won't be allowed to attend?
  6. I would normally agree with this but there's absolutely no chance of away fans being allowed to attend next season so it doesn't make any difference.
  7. Cleared? You're having a laugh. We'll be scrutinised like we've never been before One foot out of line and we'll be shafted
  8. Charlton fans may not be happy but I am We've driven a tank through the rules and got away with it as long as we have a decent season next time out.
  9. The accounting period to which you refer ends on 31 July 2020. The accounts which are due to be published about now relate to the previous playing season and accounting period ended 31 July 2019 and I don't imagine that they will be much different from the 2018 figures. (leaving ground sales out of the equation)
  10. It's got that bad that I can't even work up enough energy to get depressed about it, in fact I feel so far detached from the club that I just shrug my shoulders and get on with life. It may be an age thing because as you get older life throws more and more crap at you so football becomes less important than it used to be, or it may be that it's been so bad for so long now that the bar stewards have just ground me down.
  11. That was poo . This team is so much less than the sum of it's parts that it's untrue. Bloody long journey home tonight.
  12. I think we're actually discussing semantics here. DC will have to pay the club for the ground, whether it be by cash or by writing off loans. If he wants to sell the big issue is how much of the residual debt + ground valuation will he want to recover? If he wants a big chunk of it then he, and we, have a problem. Have you any idea what his total loans amount to at this moment in time? (I'm just interested to know) Edit: Just to add - If he's willing to write off the whole lot and walk away for an easier life then he, and we, may just
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