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  1. It's got that bad that I can't even work up enough energy to get depressed about it, in fact I feel so far detached from the club that I just shrug my shoulders and get on with life. It may be an age thing because as you get older life throws more and more crap at you so football becomes less important than it used to be, or it may be that it's been so bad for so long now that the bar stewards have just ground me down.
  2. That was poo . This team is so much less than the sum of it's parts that it's untrue. Bloody long journey home tonight.
  3. I think we're actually discussing semantics here. DC will have to pay the club for the ground, whether it be by cash or by writing off loans. If he wants to sell the big issue is how much of the residual debt + ground valuation will he want to recover? If he wants a big chunk of it then he, and we, have a problem. Have you any idea what his total loans amount to at this moment in time? (I'm just interested to know) Edit: Just to add - If he's willing to write off the whole lot and walk away for an easier life then he, and we, may just get lucky
  4. That's fair enough. I did say that I couldn't be bothered to look and see what the debt situation was in the last accounts let alone now, which I probably couldn't find out anyway. But in your scenario DC would still have to be prepared to take a huge hit on his pocket to relinquish control unless he got his £60m written off loan back from somewhere else. His loans after all do reflect cash that he has spent over the period of his tenure Do you seriously think he would do that given that he won't let the club take a hit on player sales? (I'm not saying he wouldn't but based on the past I can't see him doing it)
  5. At last, someone that actually understands the seriousness of this ground situation.
  6. The £60m will have to change hands at some time or there won't have been a valid sale. What do you think the points deduction (or worse) for that could be?
  7. Unless the ground is not worth the sum it was valued at is the point that I was trying to make. Would you pay £250k for a terraced house in S6 because that's the price a professional valuation put on it?
  8. Happy to stand corrected if it was £60m. I was speaking from memory because I was too lazy to check. He will need the cost of the ground at valuation because he still has to pay the club for it and the EFL will know beyond doubt that he was taking the pee with the valuation and he will not want to lose face on this matter. He has spent a fortune of his own money. If he is happy to sell and not recoup any of that then we are in with a chance. If on the other hand he wishes to recover a substantial part of his losses or he will not sell, then we have a real problem. His attitude on not selling players when we really needed to suggests that he is more likely to be in the latter camp to me, but then I'm happy to admit that I know nothing.
  9. What concerns me most about all this mess is the situation with our ground. Well it was our ground until DC sold it to another company for £80m to plug a gap in our finances and now it's his ground. If he wants to sell up you would assume that any would be new owner will want to buy the ground back so they will have to find £80m for that before we even start thinking about the football club. I can't see that DC could accept much less than the said £80m without blowing holes in his "valuation" previously submitted to the EFL as part of his attempt to comply with P & S restrictions. Also, he needs £80m as I believe that he has not yet paid the club for the ground so once he has been paid he can then settle his obligations to the club. I have no idea what level of debt the club is carrying but hopefully the £80m ground sale monies will take care of most of this as most of the rest of the club's assets will be worth almost nothing with player contracts running out all over the shop. In this case we probably could get a new buyer if DC agrees to walk away and write of the substantial amount of his own money that he has spent so far, but if he is looking to recover some of his losses I fear we could me in for a long wait while he waits for the right "mug" to come along. Unhappy times and still a long way to go in this saga
  10. Worcester Sauce !!!!!!! If he doesn't use Hendos he's not coming here !!!
  11. Blaming the auditors for what? Surely the auditors didn't suggest back dating a financial transaction in order to keep within P&S rules? Only thing I can see the auditors can be culpable for is accepting the "directors explanations" and signing off the accounts. I saw this sh*t coming two years ago and got berated for saying it. Same thing with the ground sale, I think I described it as the last desperate act of a compulsive gambler. I've been quiet through the latest debacles because despite having predicted it gives me no pleasure whatsoever but to blame the auditors for the actions of the owners is more than I can take. I'll read on now and see what our resident accountants thoughts are on this one.
  12. I'm exactly the same. I just can't get interested in anything else, and that includes England games.
  13. Nixon is a self important bell end. I prefer to deal in facts rather than rumour and opinion, which is why I seldom post on here. The irony is that's just my opinion
  14. None. The issue of new shares will dilute the value of existing holdings.
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