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  1. Charles Monkey

    Can’t sleep

    I live and breathe SWFC but of late I’m using the old cliche ‘it’s just a game’. It helps mask the despair and disappointment of the current state of affairs at our beloved club.
  2. Charles Monkey

    1970’s was worse! Absolute B***ocks!

    I was there when we finally scored in April against Oxford (I think). Just over 7,000 there. The kop mob split into left and right and scrapped to relieve boredom....: and we scored. Anyone would have thought we’d won the cup. Truly terrible times but bizzarly, fond memories of a poo era.
  3. Charles Monkey

    Dawson - I feel for the lad.

    Jos Is ruining the lads career. Cameron has good potential but needs a rest. Jos chops and changes the team but not the keeper.
  4. Charles Monkey

    Settle a debate - Winnall?

    He’s fallen out with Jos. Last seen in the club chaplains office.
  5. Ha ha. I was just posting nonsense my friend. Mind you, on the second photo, the kop hump is on the left. Must be a mirror image.
  6. The photo is an optical illusion. The kop is the same but the hills look bigger because there are no buildings on them.
  7. Charles Monkey

    It's happening again!!

    Oh come on, these are clearly 2007 photos. You’ve airbrushed the back of the West Stand.
  8. Charles Monkey

    BBC biased highlights.

    Wearing bizzare red tracksuit trousers
  9. Charles Monkey

    Tinpot pre walkout music

    I used to love 1492 conquest of paradise by Vangelis. they used to play it 10 mins before kick off.
  10. Newfield/Talbot schools. Can see the blue in the distance.
  11. Been in the previous 2 seasons we played em and will be there today. Always packed with fellow owls in the concert room. Get yer self 2 pints a the bar tho. It gets busy.
  12. Charles Monkey

    Attendance v Reading

    Oh, go on then. You’ve talked me into it.
  13. Need any decorating doing? PM me for a quote.
  14. Charles Monkey

    Wednesday chants through the years

    Yep I remember Mark. His dad was landlord at the George & Dragon in Mosborough. Didn’t he get banned from Hillsborough for a while?
  15. Charles Monkey

    Wednesday chants through the years

    Never seem to sing “The Wednesday” anymore.