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  1. I think my issue is that One was part of a midfield trio, the other was part of a two that was almost always a one. I swear down, I will absolutely take both of them performing like that for us next time out, and no mistake.
  2. No that was quite excellent. He played the percentage game, I'm not sure he knew who was there but he put it right in the correct place - and you cannot argue with that.
  3. On the contrary, I really do think Palmer was the stand out, far far better then Adeniran on the whole. One got the goal though, another only the assist - it's hard when you don't get the plaudits for what you do.
  4. Dennis Adeniran may have got the plaudits, and yes, he absolutely deserved all what has come his way. My MOM however was Palmer - the guy who crossed for the first goal, and who had been showing and showing and showing well before then - busting a lung time after time. Great goal for Adeniran and he showed much much more besides that, but even given everything, I still think Palmer should have edged it. So much so, I will be gutted if Palmer is outed from the team next game out, he was the epitome of desire today, he wanted it, he owned it. Well done Liam Palmer - one of your best performances.
  5. Just putting this out there. Only first rate prats spell Iorfa's name wrong, deliberately like that.
  6. This is one of the things that bugs me. I know there can't be one rule for one and one for another, but you would think that mum & dad with 11 year old Alfie and 8 year old Sarah would be given some leeway when searching bags. Kids will want a drink and a snack, and to be quite frank I know my kids aren't bothered about the snacks on offer. Then their is 84 year old Alfred, grandad to said Alfie who has always taken a sandwich and a drink because that's what he has done since he was younger then his grandkid. Sadly, both 11 year old Grandson and 84 year old Grandad have both had drinks taken off them. It's not SWFC's fault, it's the idiots who only want to go to a game tanked up. I think there should be a rule where you cannot be intoxicated inside a football stadium to be honest - and I will hold my hands up, once or twice I have been, but never got into trouble and it doesn't happen now because I'm not being that kind of role model for my kids.
  7. Lad will most likely be leaving us on a free, not gonna lie.
  8. I would hazard a guess, that something close to 100% of those in League one this season would have Paterson in their squad right now, assuming wages were not an issue.
  9. Iorfa has had a horrendous few seasons playing wise, injury wise - everything wise, is it any wonder he doesn't look like a player at the moment?
  10. Doubt he should have started to be honest, probably a risk playing him. Who came on for him?
  11. There are Chattels in place that are older then anyone alive today. Not in the public domain, however they are known to certain people. Trust me, that land can be built on. It's being held as a last chance saloon by the McCabe company - not McCabe himself any longer.
  12. The key to this is when the land was split up just before the ground became solely a football club. It used to be split up hugely when it was a cricket ground, and not a lot change after that fact - even to this day. McCabe owns portions that will cause major issues.
  13. Terry should concentrate on doing someone else's wife again to be honest. About all he has left in him. Full on melt.
  14. Everything blacked out is earmarked for development. McCabe may have been done over, but he still has the last laugh if he wants. He can stop matches happening at the Lane if Scarborough Holdings go ahead and develop. They can't play games if they only have access on two sides of the ground for fans to gain entry to the stadium.
  15. Land wise yes, totally, but the sad fact is that it's too much of an issue with regards to height. We have a lot of older fans, they won't traverse that very well for a start - but then more, it's going to add around an extra 1/3 of the bill to build a stadium in that environment. All of a sudden, a cost of £60m will cost maybe 70, 80, 90 because the location is a dogs dinner.
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