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  1. Looked a good prospect for us and was annoyed with the club when he left. Don't know how he's progressed since his exit, I gather he has barely any first team football. That's his own fault for moving to a side where he just wasn't going to breakthrough any time soon. Money talks though. As has been mentioned, where would he fit in now? Other than into the under 23s - it'd be like a penance for him.
  2. Certainly has dude, don't think it gets much better at this level to be fair!
  3. Just ribbing you mate keep up the good work
  4. Seem to remember you said he didn't have pace, chap
  5. Seem to remember you said he didn't have any pace chap
  6. It's a shame Akinfenwa has just retired.
  7. When we were going through our recent bad patch, pre-relegation. We were absolutely smashed 5-0 by Brentford away. I watched it with my dad and it was proper miserable viewing. It was that game that I realised just how bad the team moral was and quite how uninterested many of the players on that pitch were. It was awful.
  8. I agree with you on his commitment, but I can't say that he lacks ability. I think in terms of ability, he's one of the most underrated in the squad. He's a good passer and crosser. Two good examples are that superb long ball for Windass goal against Plymouth (think it was Plymouth) and that brilliant cross for Patos goal against Cardiff, when we biffed them 5-0.
  9. Luongo is a miss. Vaulks should step into that void though. Believe MDL is utterly replaceable. No great loss there. Obviously squad depth is important so had either of them stayed, it'd been a bonus. Not the end of the world though as I do believe we'll replace them with equivalent or better.
  10. Not a caption, but no matter what angle I view that picture, he is watching me.
  11. In a related question, do you think Marmite is the best yeast extract? I ask because I actually prefer Asda's own.
  12. My brother once sat and explained to me that he had watched a documentary about monkeys who were in danger, because scientists, working for the black market, were amputating the monkeys arms and attaching them to human amputees who had lost their own arms. Despite my efforts to convince him with variations on the theme of "Neil, don't be so stupid. That wouldn't even work. Was this a parody?" He was convinced and absolutely serious. At one point, I recall he even said "Poor monkeys. What sort of world do we live in?" After a while, I spoke to his wife. She told me he had been drunk and stayed up that night and had, in all likelihood, dreamt it. Since then, if I hear any nonsense or lies, I always refer to it as 'monkey arms'.
  13. Any news on Malik Wilks? That seemed like a real possibility but it's gone quiet.
  14. 6 is quite sad! Other things that I would equate with that same rating: Finding out a third of your radishes had been eaten by mice. Spilling gravy on your second best pair of shoes. Watching Wednesday draw to Gillingham.
  15. Thanks dude. I don't wish to presume his circumstances. He may want to move back to Oz to be closer to family, he may want to move to another English club for a fresh start. Who knows. I just feel as if he could have a great coming season here. I think we'll be up there again, challenging for promotion. If he's sat on his hands here and let things drag on, I think he's shot himself in the foot.
  16. Thing is, he's a bit of a gamble for a lot of clubs out there. He says he's not a league 1 player (he's right, on form he is superb) but at this point in his career, he has to prove he can be a reliable signing. I don't see any championship sides wanting him with his current injury record. If he is staying in England, he is silly to not resign with us. Especially after a fairly decent second half to a season where he was starting to make his mark in the team. I don't believe he will get a better deal elsewhere, in terms of game time and possibly, wage. Nothing personal to the guy, it would be good if he stayed, but best of luck if he definitely does move on.
  17. These are just testing reps. It's not to particularly push them at all, more to find imbalances or deficiencies. They could also be used as muscle activation exercises to limit the possibility of injury
  18. Anybody in the know? What's going on with him?
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