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  1. I think that we'll have limited funds and those funds will likely be used to strengthen elsewhere. Dawson will be our new number one. Wildsmith will sign a new contract and be backup. Whether you rate Dawson or not, he kept 19 clean sheets last season and almost won player of the season. I don't particularly have a problem with Dawson between the sticks, provided he comes back and shows the sort of performances he showed for exeter.
  2. Personally hope to see him back between the sticks for us, based on his successes last season. Had too many arguments on here about it though, so I'll agree to disagree
  3. I really do think that Moore will be going for Dawson as first choice.
  4. A fantastic player for us who gave his all with every game. I'm just happy we had him back for a final season. All the best, Sammy. I wonder if this is retirement? Especially after the concussion.
  5. Thank you. Wasn't sure if it meant, we've offered, they've accepted and it's business as usual.
  6. Am I being stupid or when it says 'contract offers' does that mean the players have accepted them? Or they still have the option to leave?
  7. That'd be some signing. I think it's a Moot point, anyway. He'll go to the championship or a Premier League club will pick him up. Can see any of the newly relegated PL clubs nabbing him.
  8. I had a feeling he would. Hasn't had quite the impact that he's needed to have to justify another season. All the best and thanks for some decent goals. Curious to know if this is his decision, or Moore's, I suspect the latter. Wonder where he'll end up?
  9. Got to be more to this. He had a decent season with us and I can't see him getting back into a championship side now, not a slight against him, he's just getting on.
  10. Haha! I just asked exactly the same in another thread with that guess too. I'd think that would be about right.
  11. Strange one, but I've seen much odder moves! What do you guys think would be a sensible offer for him? Around a million? I really would not be surprised to see Windass here next season, though. I think it's a good opportunity for him to have a resurgence and really make a name for himself. I have no doubt that a fit and firing Windass will be a goal machine at this level. Hopefully he's put his injuries behind him and we see the best of him this coming season.
  12. Nah, simple guesswork. I'd just assumed the original post was written by someone with more teeth than braincells. Did you get that second paragraph out of a Christmas cracker? Or did you see it while browsing Reddit, in your underpants?
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