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  1. True.... We obviously dnt know the cost... Still think his sites are set higher than us.... Although Thers a massive job tobe done here... N sombdy like Dyche could be the answer...
  2. Dnt think he'd come here in league one mate.... N we couldn't afford him either... He will be in charge in prem or championship by Xmas...
  3. W were awful at MK... We wernt brilliant last Saturday either n tonight we've been found out..... I'm not saying he needs Togo either... But the facts are there... The only time we played well was Sunderland n that's we second string apparently...
  4. He's been asked todo too much defending.... N you can tell he dosent like it.... Poor defending at that.... He's alot better further forward...
  5. Could do we our goalkeeper.... Much more confidend than Stockdale...
  6. Was going to say the same... Melt down when on the bench Saturday..
  7. The fact that were talking about the same problem as last season.... On the first game of this season.... Ses quite alot about us really... God help us against teams like Accrington who are massive n bombard penalty bxs...
  8. I wish we could all be fans.. N not customers to our club... Might be different then... We might be wanted
  9. Far to cheap.... As one poster says... Antonio is a prime example... I think the lad has more potential to come
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