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  1. It’s in league 1…there were 3 more teams with more points than us..and with the wage bill probably double what Rotherham and Wigan are paying you would expect players twice the standard..we could go down to league 2 and get 120 points and win league and say that was our greatest ever points total..but the fact is we are doing it in a crappy league so it basically doesn’t count
  2. That’s what you get for signing has beens..look at Sunderland with roberts and Clarke and a 25 goal striker in Stewart ..they are the type of players you need to go up in this league not a has been berahino and a has beemendez Laing..you need quality young lads wanting to make a career mixed with a bit of experience players..we have zero young players
  3. Moore ain’t the worst manager but tactically he’s just not there is he..so I’m afraid his time is up for me..no doubt seen as he’s 9 inch up chansiris arse he will keep him on for another year to fail in the playoffs again!!
  4. Sorry but we’re not good enough don’t deserve to go up!!
  5. Bannan usually chases lost causes but last night I noticed he barely chased anything..that says to me he’s not
  6. We just don’t look up for it..we all look terrified..bannan needs to come off..as good as he is he’s not fit and it’s causing us problems!!
  7. Maybe not but there soo frustrating..why are we sat back terrified to attack..they have Ross Stewart upfront..bannan is clearly not fit..get him off and berahino is having one of his not interested games..he won’t change it until the 70 th minute when it’s far too late
  8. Why are we so deep with 10 men behind the ball ..we are playing Sunderland not Real Madrid..I’d rather them go all out for a win and lose than sit back defending and lose which they are going to do..bad tactics again by the looks of things!!
  9. Yeah your right he did..and that was a bad decision..maybe we just aren’t good enough..has anyone thought of that?
  10. Why oh why do we insist on playing it out on a pitch like this?the players don’t have the quality to do it then don’t do it..we don’t deserve to go up and we won’t mark my words
  11. I think we will draw at fleetwood and lose to Portsmouth..we always seem to bottle it in key moments unfortunately
  12. Exactly!!clearly Wycombe aren’t the best passing side..there long ball ruff and tumble..we changed the side to accommodate that style of play which they are good at we clearly aren’t so there was only going to be one winner..we are passing side I don’t get why we didn’t try playing our normal passing game and Wycombe would have struggled to cope with that ..Moore ain’t the worse manager we have had but so many times he seems to be worried about the opposition and overthinking the tactics
  13. Too many times we chop and change the team to accommodate who we are playing..just play a settled side..teams should be fearing us and changing there side but every week it’s us doing the changing..clearly we are not quite there yet and until that happens we won’t go up!!
  14. Moore says he’s not injured but was out for personal reasons!!anyone know what that could be?
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