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  1. It’s worrying if it’s not a team that can challenge as 7 of them are still here this season. And I was just making the point that the turnover wasn’t that high. It’s not supposed to be a promotion winning side as we also made about 15 new signings on top of that. We had more than enough to win promotion but didn’t
  2. Dawson Iorfa Dunkley Hutchinson Palmer N/A FDB Luongo Bannan Windass Paterson here’s a team of players who were still under contract at the start of last season from the year before, the only position I can’t think of anyone is left back. Im sorry but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny that we were in disarray and ‘massively unstable’ because the majority of those players have 100+ championship appearances each. And we then signed a lot of other players with the same pedigree. And we’re in league 1. If we actually had no players left and were starting from scratch I’d understand it but we weren’t, that’s half a squad already without any new signings
  3. And we’re still in league 1. Might as well have got 40 points and finished 20th as it would have been the same outcome.
  4. There’s lies, damn lies and statistics though. If you break it down what you’re saying is we have 3 players more in a squad of 22 who were here last season compared to the figure for the previous season. It’s basically irrelevant. Unless you can draw a league table showing correlation with your %, which I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to. As I said, all of the other sides bar Rotherham had a similar number of new signings as us. You make out as if we were an outlier
  5. It’s definitely excuses. If you sign no new players you can use that as an excuse ‘squad is tired and needs refreshing, it’s gone stale.’ Sign new players and it’s ‘they need half a season to settle’ effectively writing off the season as you can’t afford to throw the first half of the season. The other teams in the top 8-9 bar Rotherham had similar turnover to us so it wasn’t unusual. I’ve posted the data for this before but they won’t have it and keep repeating themselves because it suits.
  6. I don’t buy all this unsettled squad business. This season we have a new goalkeeper, defence and main striker but apparently that’s somehow different to the situation last season when we had about a dozen players still who’d played for us at championship level for about 5 years. Its just excuses for the manager not achieving the objective
  7. He got player of the year here, but that was the best season of his career. He’s got a mistake in him but he’s definitely Championship level. however whenever I’ve seen him for Fulham he’s embarrassed himself and ended up not playing much there
  8. Already explained why that’s not that relevant although it is a factor. why some people when they lose a debate turn it into some sort of moral thing is beyond me
  9. 16 points from 14 games required. People can judge for themselves whether it was ridiculous to expect that to be achieved
  10. I might be wrong, but don’t sell on clauses expire when the contract expires, so if he stayed this season and signed a new contract here, then we sold him next season we’d get all of the fee? We’d get a pittance selling him now whereas if we got promoted and he does well he might be worth £5m to us rather than the 500k we’d get now after Man City take their cut. It makes sense to take the risk and keep him on this one.
  11. What hangover do we have then? We’ve got no more points deductions looming or transfer restrictions. And the chairman seems to have found his wallet whereas in 2020-21 he didn’t back the managers The only hangover I can see is that we’re in league 1, but in terms of moving forward there’s nothing stopping a manager getting us promoted, he’s got all the tools he needs
  12. I don’t get this car crash point when it comes to last season. Wigan and Rotherham went up automatically and we had better/deeper squads than they did
  13. Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel, Conte, Moyes, Howe, Potter, Cooper, Gerrard just off the top of my head all came in and made an immediate impact at their clubs. It’s obvious the manager makes a massive difference
  14. The manager does make a massive difference though, you can see it amongst all the successful clubs. Its rare they do well with a poor manager running it. This is a thread about Darren Moore so he’s getting critiqued on his record, of which the relegation forms a part of it. If it was a thread about Chansiri he’d be getting criticism for 2020-21 as well as he made so many mistakes. Or Monk/Pulis threads the same. When we aren’t meeting expectations on the field then people come in for stick. The relegation itself wasn’t Moore’s fault but he could have done better and someone else could have kept us up.
  15. Yeah Chansiri was majorly at fault. But break it down, he needed 16 points from 14 games with that squad. Could it have been done? Definitely. Plenty of managers could have created that siege mentality and achieved that despite all the off the field issues.
  16. I did mention in my other post that that was a mitigating factor, but the world doesn’t stop because the boss is ill. In a company if the most senior leader is incapacitated then the people below run it using the same philosophy and shared principles until he comes back. Its no different to that. Yes it wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t make those games just a free hit. We played his formation, tactics and team selections in them so he bears some responsibility for the results his understudies achieved with them.
  17. Because he came in when there were 14 games to go (so more like a third of the season), and come the end of the season it turns out that 16 points from those 14 games would have been enough to stay up. Or only 15 points from 14 games had we beaten Derby. If you said to a new manager right you’ve got 14 games and we need 16 points to survive can you do it.. most would say yeah that’s possible. It was a failure to not achieve that. Obviously at the time of appointment we looked more dead and buried than that but that was before both Rotherham and Derby imploded. A competent manager would have got enough points from those games to stay up.
  18. I’m not impressed by him but it’s nothing personal. When he was appointed I was neither happy or disappointed, just wanted to see how he could do. Wasn’t impressed by how we finished the championship season as Rotherham/Derby lost about 6 on the bounce so survival was there for the taking. He also bottled a must win against Derby where we could have stayed up. Against that there’s the mitigating circumstances of him having covid but his staff were still implementing his ideas and he still had input. Anyway, despite that was prepared to give him a go last season still. Wasn’t happy with how we started last season, first half of the season was really poor with the players he had at his disposal. Improved in the second half but the first half cost us automatic promotion which was the objective at the start of the season (players were all saying the target was to win the league back in august). Anyway, got another shot in the play offs and bottled that as well. So his record reads: relegated, then failed to go up with the largest budget in the league. It’s not great. I just think there are better managers out there. I feel a general apathy towards where we are as a club, want to see us back in the PL or at least compete for it, and we feel a long way off being a top half championship club which is my minimum expectation. My problem with Moore is that I expect him to blow hot and cold but not get the job done. He shows enough to keep the eternal optimists onside but ultimately I’d be surprised if he actually got us promoted. If we don’t get promoted then my minimum expectations of top half championship just keep getting further and further away. That’s why I feel unwilling to accept anything less than promotion all the time in this league. You can see from a lot of the other posts though that people are happy as long as we score a few against no mark teams even if we’re just treading water in league 1. Wish I could be satisfied with that it would make things a lot easier.
  19. No idea what the sell on clause is but would imagine that when a player leaves City cheap it’s because they have a hefty % baked in (40%?) Would be wanting £3-4m if so to make it worth selling but don’t think that’s likely. I’d keep vs selling for half a million net profit
  20. I just feel indifferent.. we’re basically a full 20 places in the football pyramid below the level that would get me excited/interested Bottom half of championship and league 1 is boring. Just really disappointed how it’s all turned out after 2015-17 and can’t get much of a buzz from it now, which is sad. I basically expect us to win every game against these opponents so when we do I just think it’s par for the course and when we don’t it makes me annoyed. There’s never a positive surprise
  21. I know you’re joking but pretty sure they’d tear up league 1 in their early 40s
  22. Hector is pretty rubbish, he did nothing before he came to us, and I know he got player of the season but he wasn’t all that good when he was here. We had a bit of a flat season so there weren’t any stand out performances. After he left he was garbage at Fulham, embarrassed himself in a lot of games which is why they basically stopped playing him. Don’t get me wrong he’s a decent championship centre half but he’s not a top player and he has a lot of mistakes in him.
  23. That might have been true for Vardy when he was in our academy and at Stocksbridge but pretty sure to achieve what he has done he’s been a model pro for the last decade really
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