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  1. Ok thanks for confirming. I’ve donated. This will cost hundreds of thousands most likely, so just thought setting a £1000 target seemed a bit weird. The reason I asked was if something actually cost a grand and you earned a lot about f money then you’d just pay it wouldn’t you. So I thought the target was misleading and made me think it could be another Tommy Spurr. The other guy is making stuff up, in the last thread of this type I was advocating for Jude to receive more donations whereas he was trying to prioritise a cat over a boy with cancer. Can’t stand that sort of do gooder attitude where they try and take the moral high ground (incorrectly)
  2. If you didn’t want to provoke a response you wouldn’t have replied to my post at all would you, so I assume that’s exactly what you wanted as you want to be centre of attention
  3. Bottom line is he’s failed his primary objective both seasons so far. He can’t afford a third failure. Everything else is a bit irrelevant, finishing 3rd in league 1 and failing in the play offs yields the same outcome as finishing 20th.. another season in the wilderness. I hope I’m wrong but not seen anything to suggest he can guide a team to autos, his methods/tactics/selections lead to inconsistent results. I think we have a tough ish start first 10 games so if he gets off to a storming start then maybe he can actually get autos but if not then he’s under pressure
  4. He has some qualities.. man management is good and recruitment has been good last few seasons. He bottles big games though (Derby, Sunderland). Tactics are one dimensional, team selections are irrational at times with too many out of position. He will lead us to 4-8th again and we will have exactly the same debates as last season. Half saying we should do better and the other half irrationally backing mediocrity. Bottom line is we needed to stay up in 2020/21, needed to go up in 2021/22 and now definitely need to go up in 2022/23. If we don’t go up then surely even his ardent supporters have to admit the appointment has been a failure
  5. Why would someone rub on a 4 day bank holiday? Am I missing something?
  6. To be fair lol.. I watched the first 20 mins and it was all dire.. turned over for half an hour and back again, and it was still dire then just heard Don’t look back in anger at the end so assumed that was the only oasis song he played. Either way the point still stands that he shouldn’t bother with any of the new stuff because it’s truly awful and not a single person likes it. He might as well read the room and just do Oasis
  7. Was the same with Noel Gallagher.. basically and hour of absolute tripe, monotone songs with no beat and repetitive lyrics where the only people enjoying it were on MDMA. Followed by 1 song of Oasis to try and redeem it. These artists are tone deaf to not realise they haven’t had a good song since 1994 so they should stick to that
  8. What’s the deal with Joao? If it’s a sell on clause then surely it will be a % of the profits not the fee. Given they paid about £5m plus add ons I doubt they’ll be making a profit on him if he moves
  9. It’s only really relevant when you’re in the same league competing for the same things.. then it’s hatred. When we’re the league below them I feel embarrassed thinking about it or trying to take the p because if they balls up then they’re still better than us. When we were above them, like mid-late 90s and 2012-17 I honestly didn’t care how they did because we were quite clearly the better side and had better things to be thinking about than their lower league results
  10. I’m relatively happy.. I don’t expect Stockdale to be number 1 by the time the season is done, reckon Dawson will take over. Centre back I think we’re weaker, would be good if we could resign Dean or Storey. Vaulks and Luongo I’d say about the same. Never really understood the Luongo hype as he’s a mid table championship standard player plus injured all the time. Smith is a good signing. We need pace though up front. Not sure Windass will be here by the end of august. Recruitment under Moore has been relatively decent and it’s not a concern. The issue is his tactics, subs and mentality. Just think next season will be very similar to this one and we’ll end up in the play offs again.. can’t see him leading us to top 2. Also think we have a difficult ish first 10 games so he might come under pressure
  11. Barnsley, Peterborough, MK Dons, Ipswich, Bolton Wednesday to finish 5-8th as won’t get the required consistency under this manager even if again we have the budget for top 2. Derby I’d have had down as top 6 if taken over but looks like a struggle for them.
  12. Who’s the southern teams.. presumably someone hasn’t entered a team. Maybe Brentford as they don’t have an academy do they
  13. I don’t think Leeds are in it. There’s 16 groups of 4, 48 league clubs and 16 under 21s. A few seasons ago it seemed a bit random which PL clubs and I think there were championship ones too, something to do with the categories. i think last season it was the top 16 PL clubs got to enter from the year before, so none of the relegated sides, newly promoted or the team who finished 17th. So that’s Leeds out of it
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