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  1. I obviously know who two of them are, but who is the bloke on the right?
  2. I would suggest he has a brain. Signed two top centre backs in January and oversaw a brilliant run to the end of the season. Does he get everything right? No. I would have made changes a little earlier tonight. However, we have lost out following two individual errors by players who most fans were lauding at some point of the season (you can't account for that). He has changed the mentality of the club; it wasn't long ago that we hadn't managed to win a game from a losing position away from home. The club was rotten and several managers have failed to halt the decline.
  3. It hasn't though - it happened a lot in the first half of the season and it cost us, but to say the team hasn't improved in that respect is inaccurate.
  4. Missed out on 2nd leg tickets today; any London Owls know if they will be screening the game in Mables Tavern?
  5. To the tune of rocking all over the world (Status Quo) We're scoring goals, we're scoring goals, we're scoring goals, Every where that we play, every where that go, scoring goooooaaals, Lee Gregory and Saido!!!!
  6. First ever post (possibly last) To the tune of 'She's electric' (Oasis) We've got Liam When he plays at the back he's brilliant He didn't cost ten million Cos he's one of our own Ta ra
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