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  1. Read the whole thing and didn’t see any reference to booing. Agree with what DM said anyway, but didn’t need the clickbait!
  2. The world is full of idiots. So the chances of idiots following football are high. The chances of them following Wednesday are also high. And the chances of them being on Owlstalk… guaranteed
  3. With all our striker injuries there’s nothing stopping us copying the Man City tactic and just throwing in a load of midfielders. Denis, Bannan, Byers and FDB all playing would destroy most teams in this division.
  4. Great scoring record, but German strikers just don’t seem to live up to expectations when they move to English football..
  5. Do everything we can to keep him. Promotion is financially worth a lot more than a couple of million. And if we do get promoted then we’re a heck of a lot more desirable than Blackpool (though I suppose we already are!). The only reason to sell him would be if he throws a strop. Then we add a monster sell on clause.
  6. We won. Not the best performance. In fact almost everyone was crap. But sure let’s have a look around for an easy target to have a go at. Yes, The current target will be Paterson. I really like the bloke. Not the most technically gifted but he’s a pain in the ar5e to play against.
  7. Could be worse. Just waiting on DC announcing new sponsorship. Betfred West Stand.
  8. That’s a good question. Is it because we’ve seen his name on here for so long now that it’s assumed he’s a quality player? Seen this kind of saga happen before with us, and in the end it’s a massive anticlimax!
  9. Lad is clearly technically gifted, strong and quick. With the right mentality he could be a £30/40m+ player in the future. But can say that about many players who didn’t fulfil their potential, and ended up camped in the lower leagues for their whole career.
  10. If they can’t find themselves, how can we expect them to find opposing players?!
  11. C’mon they’re only 5kg dumbbells. I’ve taken heavier dumps
  12. Yep. I can just picture him using his pace, bombing up and down the right hand side…
  13. You owlstalkers caused me to overpay for Mr Rhodes. Not happening again, customers.
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