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  1. it's blatantly some mod off this site looking for more owlstalk readers.
  2. cheers pal couldn't find the offence anywhere. not that I looked too hard
  3. Surprised. i'd guess it's with affray. Be even more surprised to see them get a guilty verdict. i'd back myself to get em off never mind a decent QC.
  4. charged by who ? the EFL? or police?
  5. We've got a home game first and you cant ask for more than that.
  6. there's only one reason a footballer signs for someone. Money. all this big club blah blah it's rubbish. they are media trained to say what people want to hear. it's about money and nothing else.
  7. W4 D3 L3 from the first 10, i'd still like better this season.
  8. I thought we were very hit and miss with little consistency, would you not agree?
  9. Hopefully a home game and 3 points. it's important to start better this season.
  10. I'll be surprised if he's not signed because we offered most money tbh.
  11. Nah, Chansiri wont entertain that. Plus, He literally doesn't get a game unless we're ruined by injuries.
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