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  1. And ain't got my Peterborough tickets yet ordered 3 weds last week.
  2. Is anyone still waiting for tickets from 1st batch last weds 8days ago? Ordered 2 more Monday and they arrived 1st class today. Its a bit farcical that you order tickets 5 days later and they come 1st . When are we going to be able to print off or scan on phone?. Huge post strike starting in a few days too.
  3. Yes but it's in sections . There is loads of room top end of runway . But certainly don't want that . I will go back to been an armchair fan if that happened
  4. Sunderland fans not happy 11 changes some saying they expect to lose and some say 5-0 to us. We need to start clicking and finding form. good opportunity tonight then.
  5. Don't think too many west ham fans will agree nor Bolton whose ground might as well be in worksop as it certainly ain't in Bolton. If we ever moved there are very few places to have a ground , I'd say the old airport is the only place . Going to Hillsborough involves other things pre game but that will end with a ground move to a faceless stadium surrounded with franchises maybe that's for you not for me though.
  6. Let's build an mk dons type stadium then on old sheffield Airport with loads of franchises like pizza express nandos etc . I'd rather not . Its like saying would I prefer to live in a faceless house on waverely with everyone's house facing mine or would I prefer a home with character trees and a view I'd take the home with character . Milton Keynes is somewhere I'd be glad if I never returned . Great ground but everything else no no no and no again.
  7. So agree with that . A soulless place . I'm glad I don't live there . Like u say though cracking ground.
  8. I went and I agree also went in April for 1st time atmosphere in April was a lot better game 500% better . You will get a much better atmosphere in 90% plus of other away days . But I spent half my time on my phone 2nd half rather than on the game I just couldn't get into it . Plain boring tactics what certainly won't win us the league . Bolton is much much better though that might depend on the result and how we play. Give that game ago.
  9. Won't sell out as quick might not sell put. Train strike means the 1-2000 won't be going or seeking other transport
  10. See it a lot , probably due to 90% been at the ale since 7-8am don't help. And having to watch us play a bit naff most weeks . We won which was the main thing but was a bit painful to watch .
  11. I ordered 3 I said how much. Didn't have much change from 20 . Why is it we are getting ripped off going to these little clubs more than prem/championship. Anyone see the scenes coming back at Derby? Lots of air shots pointing and some lovely moves on them stairs . Dalton Smith needs a new opponent he beat a pig now he seeks a sheep.
  12. And won't be surprised 1 bit if another by mid Sept is added .
  13. Unlikely to sell out . Might even be a few on sale on turnstiles
  14. My mum has mental health issues what solution for cashless is for her? I have a hard enough job stopping con men won't have a chance with fraudsters .
  15. Explain how my elderly mum can work all this? She uses a doro basic phone uses cash to buy from either small or large shops and even has a job with the TV remote . Stop this hate of cash is it harming you?
  16. The supporters I spoke to was like me found it an alarming performance . If it weren't for those 2 great strikes and the 100% penalty for them we would have back to back 4-1 defeats . Those 3 at the back look like there on there holidays . Absolutely shocking . 6 weeks together and that's how they perform
  17. Remember Yeovil? And the slope . Be alright kicking down that slope but we would need a 20-0 lead for 2nd half. Stay where we are and over time improve it. Otherwise do u want a faceless stadium at old airport with a Costa and some other rip off franchises around it.
  18. There will be at least 200 returns more so later in the week.
  19. Yes there are easier journeys by train , but a few drinks in centre then bus or taxi to ground making a full day of it and car is going nowhere . Driving is just becoming more and more stressful maybe I'm getting older
  20. That's bit like saying do I want a drink or don't I. Driving no thanks just had a stressful drive roads are crazy busy
  21. No 28 and 29 went on sale 1st . Strange 26 27 ain't. It's almost if there just trying to keep us in that corner . I decided not worth waiting so in 28
  22. Can't see much more than 4000 for this . Would have been prob 7-8 on a wkd.
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