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  1. Hope not no trains boxing day so home please. And unless this rail train don't get sorted my away days are ruined . Stick em 5% that should do it.
  2. I quite fancy york city away maybe man u at home . Think there will be 2 played behind closed doors
  3. I've got a shed as big as I've got a shed as big as ,springs to mind
  4. A place of that size should be capable of having a championship/league 1 club. Still at a very low level at min
  5. Bet it didn't impress Charlie Nicolas. Said something rather insulting saying Billy Gilmore needs to buck his ideas up or he will end up like Barry bannan . It's surprising how most Scots so dislike bannan ,I was on a train in Lancashire and 20 young Scots got on about 5 years ago when he played regular for Scotland , he was getting some rite abuse.
  6. Need to have an effect on target m8 to deserve anything in a football match. Instead of boring stale tactics employed by there manager . Just awful how on earth did they and forest finish 3rd n 4th
  7. 1 if not the worst game of football I've seen in a very long time. Hudds didn't have a single shot on target . Forest had zero also it was an own goal. Neither keeper saved 1 shot and hardly a single threatening cross or through ball. It was awful
  8. I don't want us to move ground . Improve things yes, pull west stand down . But money for this will never be available while we are in league 1. Moving to some faceless new ground on old airport site surrounded by those franchises ain't going to boost our attendances . Why is it sufc have 25-30000 every wk. Its having ticket promotions free tickets to schools to get kids hooked etc . If our owner since 2016 had sensible prices etc and people running the club in commercial areas better we would easily have 3-4000 extra supporters every week. Our prices are decent now but too many got out of the habit when it was between £34-£49 to attend per game.
  9. Mk dons have a nice ground no doubt , but it costs to attend . The food outlets outside are all the rip off merchants tg Friday nandos pizza express places I generally avoid but I had to pay there prices as that's what it is in Milton Keynes. If u want a modern ground it will be built with these franchises outside not for me , maybe I'm an old fart
  10. I certainly ain't belittling any supporter what can't afford to attend , the cost of living is horrendous and getting worse , we have a government what don't care that some can't afford food n heating. But 12000 extra who attended last 2 games and the 40000 what would have been at Wembley can afford the 300-500 quid for a day out but a season ticket for an adult for a full season works out less than a 1 off Wembley visit. It could have been got for £345 for kop . Wembley these days is a massive expense.
  11. Our proper supporters attend away games . You want noise n passion attend those . Never been that good at home ever. Nothing 2 do with covid prices etc etc. Our prices are good . I be back for 1st game while the other 12000 we might see you again in 12 months .
  12. I'm sure earlier in the year there were 10 pages on whether we should get him as manager. Also at 1 point around 90% of our fan base wanted Moore to go. Poss after Shrewsbury game.
  13. Absolutely spot on. Why should we accept mediocrity . Many games this season we have been poor a d Moore just ain't a clue how to change things . I ain't even upset it was 100% obvious sunderland in both legs would do a job on us , Alex Neil is a you know what but he is 10x a better manager .
  14. While d Moore is our manager we stay in league 1
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