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  1. Sad news,best wishes to Mike and his family.
  2. Yeah fair enough, get over the hang over first, something tells me we won't have that problem though.
  3. Disappointed last night, but as my old grandad told me in the 70s, life goes on even if Wednesday won the European Cup you'll still be going to work tomorrow.
  4. He wouldn't have had a thankless task if he had clamped down on the gamesmanship from the start.
  5. Imagine what the final will be like if they're both at it.
  6. I don't blame the ref for us losing, but some of his decisions tonight were ridiculous, Sunderland were time wasting all game and I don't think he booked anybody until added time.And the foul on Byers ,did he even give a free kick.How do they keep getting games, as I said don't blame the ref but he got the penalty call wrong, how much could that cost Wednesday in lost revenue.
  7. Sorry, don't know what happened there.
  8. Worse than expected?,remind me how many points were needed to get in play offs?
  9. He's got us to 4th in a difficult league, remember last year our fans saying we would drop straight through the league. Yes it's disappointing to lose,but get a grip.WAWAW
  10. Same as Chesterfield?,they're not that important
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