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  1. Inflatable bananas with flares stuff inside them are the future Get with the times
  2. Looks good at fa cup finals or European cup games with massive crowds Doesn't quite have the same effect when drawing 1 1 in front of 2000 fans at crewe
  3. Cant Believe this thread hasnt been closed and took down yet
  4. He should be nowhere near starting a game for us next season Total waste of wage Couple of half decent games doesn't justify what a complete carcrash of a signing he has been
  5. Doesn't matter what his wage, ehatever we are paying its too much for what he offers ,which is slightly above zero Another player we are paying a good wage too who ain't contributing nothing
  6. Never crisis a young developing player Mistakes are bound to happen I crisis older pros who choose to fek about with the ball and cost us a goal than kick it into touch
  7. Imagine so From their youth So will have to cover some expenses Wages won't be Problem Just the signing we should be making Young with experience and cheaper wages
  8. Good age and experience in league 1 And a free transfer Imagine we'd have to throw some money at Gillingham for compensation tho
  9. Mass paterson Hutchinson Palmer hunt and dunkley can all leave imo Alot of money there that can be spent better We need to cut the costs and the players above are either passed it ,not good enough or too high wages Get some young hungry players in who want to succeed and win
  10. Where in my post did I say they was fully responsible It's absolute fact we got relegated with them two in the team tho As its fact Westwood just got dumped from QPR
  11. Only in Wednesday fans head Sunderlands made them look like league 2 players
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