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  1. This is a postcode survey I did in 2015 on a Facebook group. I divided the city into two halves at the city centre. I also included Derbyshire and the rest of south yorkshire, here's the results.... So after the postcode survey I've split all sheffield postcodes between north and south of the city centre, with S3, S9 (supposedly blunt areas) and Rotherham falling north of the border. The south obviously includes chesterfield and worksop area. Of the total 283 asked....... North 147 South 136 The results show very little difference between the two, the same as last year. I believe the only true Wednesday areas are the ones that sit on the "valley sides" of the ground that "face towards" it... S6, S5 and North in the high green/northern Rotherham area. Sheffield united area's will be on the "valley sides" of their ground... S2, S8, S7 and S14. Despite this though Wednesday and united area's are still quite mixed and not really dominated by one fanbase as many believe. The rest of the sheffields postcodes are pretty even by the looks of things with Wednesday probably having the slight upper hand In most area's but this won't be the case in central barnsley and parts of Rotherham where most will follow their local tin pot sides.
  2. Wednesdayism is walking along the beach front of some foreign holiday destination, seeing an owls shirt walking in the opposite direction and briefly saying WAWAW then both laugh/smile knowingly whilst walking on.
  3. The ruling at all grounds i work at including Hillsborough is all under 13s must be accompanied by an adult, searching is applicable to those 16 years and over. I'd just ask to speak to a supervisor if there's a mix up.
  4. I can't see the thread as it keeps asking me to sign in, does anyone have any screenshots of the photos allegedly taken of the stewards? Can't find them on twitter either. Thanks
  5. There's been an increase of incidents at most clubs since the lockdowns.
  6. I reckon a new stadium would be built in the east end of Sheffield. Somewhere around Carbrook which funnily enough was the other location option Wednesday had to decide on when leaving Olive Grove). That area is prime land for a stadium, huge brownfield sites, accessible by train, tram, motorway . Its connected up to most of Sheffield via dual carriageways/main roads and is probably twice as accessible to those coming from further afield. Still North Sheffield too, just North East instead of North West.
  7. Same ref who sent forestieri off against Hull, what goes around comes around
  8. I was part of the wall of noise initiative around 4 years ago or so, which started on a Facebook group called the "Kop End". I attended one of the steering group meetings and the subject was raised about improving the atmosphere, Chansiri and his two employees who helped run the club were quite receptive to the idea. Eventually plans were made to hand out hundreds of scarves on the Kop to create a spectacle when we sang "ole ole", i helped hand out the scarves and each fan who got one was told what they were for. Only about 50 fans used them for the "ole ole" chant, all the rest i assume just took them because they were free and either wore them or pocketed them. We also got around 4 large flags to be waved before kick off, they were used a couple of times and then stopped (can't remember why). Fans who have the most priority points and go to every away game tend to be older. Seems the bigger the allocation the more younger fans there are. The atmosphere at MK dons away will be great, 8K allocation i reckon.
  9. I'm working at both Hillsborough and new york stadium this season and can say without a shadow of doubt that Hillsborough has a far better atmosphere. Wednesday make much more noise from the end of the North than rotherham do in their whole packed ground. Many other staff who are neutral also say this. I used to think our fans were poor at home but from my new perspective I can see we're not poor at all, we're so aggressive in our passion for the club. Anyway Tuesday night vs Morecombe and without sounding arrogant aside from 3 points we're not really that bothered are we?
  10. Agreed. Its not just at games either, personally feel like I'm hearing about it in my work and social life all the time.
  11. Massive potential to be Massive, something that's witnessed when a small sniff of success comes along.
  12. Dean lives in Brentford and has one child.[59][60] He is a West Ham United supporter.[61] While chatting to fans outside Griffin Park after a match on 21 November 2015, Dean witnessed a young supporter being hit by a car and ran back into the ground, where he found club doctor Matt Stride. The pair returned to the scene and Stride took charge of the situation until an ambulance arrived. For their actions, Dean and Stride shared the Football League's Unsung Hero of the Month award.[62]
  13. Are there many owls in buxton? I'd imagine the close proximity to Manchester would probably see loads choosing Manchester United. Id imagine there being a lot of Derby fans too. Wednesday seem to draw more support away from South Yorkshire than our closest rivals.
  14. What are peoples views regarding supporting or just following a second club. Through work I've come into contact with a lot of away fans at both Hillsborough and Toy Town this season and heard a lot of them discussing their "other" club. The club is usually a top Premier league side and it seems a more common phenomenon amongst the younger element. One of the strangest moments was seeing two scunthorpe fans giving each other grief with one being a fan of Manchester United and the other Liverpool. I find it all a bit weird as it doesn't seem that common in our fanbase, probably due to us viewing ourselves as a big club. Having Said that I do look out for the results of another Club (Millwall) but the results don't really effect me at all in the same way that Wednesdays do.
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