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  1. Do you work for the tax office by any chance
  2. Yep thinks coaching in the WSL is better than League one
  3. It's not simply a cause of hitting it though as that's when clearing or shooting. General game play is more precise than just booting it hard but if they have done the research fair enough was just a general comment regarding the balls.
  4. Definitely and if they have researched that then fair enough it was just a simple comment that yesterday's balls are vastly different to today's.
  5. Yes and some of our fan base managed to turn on the team that season
  6. Just that general point that dementia in ex players was caused by a totally different ball to what we use now. Provided the research has considered that then all good.
  7. Maybe blocking shots with your head but crosses I wouldn't think are much faster but balls are massively lighter/softer.
  8. I've not had a read of the report but I will say heading a 1950s ball, Mitre Multiplex and a modern ball are 3 totally different things.
  9. Dare we ask how.much its costing to get there.
  10. Years mate remember 1st season I had 1 Steve Watson was playing for us. Only 200-250 I think though.
  11. It is points based I've got a 1000 last time I checked. Away season tickets are limited anyway and the rest quite rightly as sold on a points basis.
  12. Store printing yes but can't remember sizes do take your credit card.
  13. If I had to choose its Wednesday but some utterly bizarre replies regarding not watching England.
  14. This surely there's an agreement in place already and will be announced shortly.
  15. Midfield with - Vaulks, Byers, Bannan Is as good as anything else in League 1. Denis, Dele, Hunt in reserve that's plenty of midfield options for 2/3 positions. Definitely a very strong position for us.
  16. Yes as do millions of others as its the only logical explanation to why more people are out an about during the summer months.
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