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  1. Good vibes everyone hope all is well , as some of you are aware I did 20 Xmas food boxes last week that can feed a family of 6 to each box and I’m glad to say they have and will be dropped of on the 20th of December. sad to say after talking to people who took the food boxes it also come to attention that they are struggling for presents for the kids so before the Accrington Stanley game I’m doing a fun run from Pontefract to the game and round the ground you will see blue and white buckets that Wednesday have kindly put round the ground and all donations will be going towards presents for kids who will not have any Xmas morning so if the Wednesday family can help it will all be going to amazing kids that needs it the most … good vibes all .. WAWAW ..
  2. Good vibes to everybody this fine Saturday afternoon, this is just a quick update on the food Xmas boxes I did and I’m glad to say all boxes have gone and are being dropped of on the 21st to there homes . nobody should have to rely on food banks in this day and age and if anybody needs a little help over the Christmas period with food or presents for the little ones please don’t be scared and inbox me and I’ll be only to glad to help … good vibes to all and safe travels to those going today . WAWAW…..
  3. Evening all I hope all is well with yourself and your loved ones and just want to say I hope you all have a good weekend and if you are going to the game safe travels there and back … good vibes to you all … WAWAW
  4. Sorry yes mate I did I went to Tesco bought everything ..
  5. I paid for all the stuff mate except the turkeys ..
  6. It’s all sorted mate but thanks for the offer …
  7. Hi all and good vibes to everybody hope you and all your loved ones are well .. I’ve been very open about my struggles with depression in the past and know Christmas can be a lonely time and a struggle for some people not just mental health wise but money wise as well so I’ve managed to get 20 box’s full of food for Xmas dinner that’s turkey and all the trimmings that feeds 6 people per box , so if there is anybody in the owlstalk family that need any help just give us a message and I can deliver the boxes to you no charge everything is free … stay safe everyone…WAWAW
  8. What by saying they can’t have been to games because if they had they would have seen how many games he kept us in it .anyway have a good day ..
  9. You are milking the comment I put on aren’t you and you are taking it way over board and it was at the people slagging of BPF about his performance but forget what he did at the start of the season .. good vibes to you though …
  10. Hi all and good vibes to everybody hope you and all your family and friends are all good , I’ve been very open about my struggles with depression and anxiety and with the news of a new wave of covid hitting us I just want to reach out to anybody who might be struggling at this time with any issues you might be having, times might be hard and times might be hard ahead but my inbox is open if anybody needs a chat about anything no matter how big or little the chat is it is better to talk than to keep it bottled up like I used to do …. stay safe everyone and good vibes to you all and your loved ones ..WAWAW
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