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  1. davethemagicweasel

    Best boss?

  2. davethemagicweasel

    Anyone up for this one?

    Bump! Just passed the £150 mark on mine, but I am also confused about how to get on the official team so I've emailed JP!
  3. davethemagicweasel

    Your team for #SWFC vs Ipswich

    Westwood Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Hutch Reach Matias Bannan Forestieri Fletcher
  4. davethemagicweasel

    Midfield General or Commanding Centre Back

    Midfielder JP isn't good enough imo and Hutch can't be relied on for fitness. Whereas we've got plenty of young CBs for depth, and this would allow Hutch to be used as a CB more. Ideally / Long term we need both. But unless they're first XI quality no point.
  5. davethemagicweasel

    Anyone up for this one?

    *Bump* Jumping on this a little late, as I was thinking of doing the 10k anyway this seems like a good idea, do it for a cause and so I can't back out once I've committed myself :D Here's my link if any kind of Owlstalkers want to start me off : https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PhilRepper
  6. davethemagicweasel

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    Our squad is much better suited to 4, we're just leaving our weak links exposed at WB. A fit Lee and Reach might work but persisting with WBs is madness when most of our options would be better off as FBs. Since we've not recruited the DM we've needed for 3 years Hutch has to be in midfield until the embargo is lifted, so imho Thorniley's been the most impressive of Lee's potential partners so I'd give him the nod for half a dozen games. Baker Lees Thorniley Pudil Hutch Bannan Reach Joao Fletch/Nuhiu Fessi (Lee when fit either at RB or Mid with Reach going to LB depending on which full back is playing best.)
  7. davethemagicweasel

    George Boyd

    I'm not saying he'd be in my first 11, he wouldn't, but trying to convert him to the most physically demanding position on the pitch when he's in his 30 is moronic on Jos' part.
  8. davethemagicweasel

    George Boyd

    Perhaps he'd improve if we played him in his actual position? Crazy idea I know. Could easily have had Reach as LWB and Boyd and Matias playing off Fletcher tonight.
  9. Jos should've just said "We've got 3 great keepers, Cameron finished the season well so he starts off with the gloves and it's up to the other 2 to be ready to take their chance when they get it." Which would've avoided this whole debate imo. Might've been what he meant and its been lost in translation tbf. Personally I'd pick Westwood as I think our defence could do with an experienced keeper to organise them with Loovens gone.
  10. davethemagicweasel

    If they scrap parachute payments

    It wouldn't happen overnight tho - clubs would have a few years to adjust, plan, put relegation clauses in new/renewed contracts. It's the reward for failure aspect of it that sticks in the throat imo. I'd happily see newly promoted clubs get a big wedge of cash as a reward so they'd be able to strengthen that summer ready for the Premiership but it would distort the Championship much less. They'd need to plan ahead for if/when they go back down which is what FFP/P&S is supposed to enforce, if they don't it'd be their own fault (as it was ours), and they'd go the Sunderland route.
  11. davethemagicweasel

    Sheffield Wednesday Fans Forum - Overview

    So, do we know if we're actually under an embargo then? Coz the thread got pulled last night before I'd finished it and I'm none the wiser.
  12. davethemagicweasel

    Team v Hull

    Westwood Baker Lees Van Aken Pudil Bannan Hutch Reach Joao Fletcher Forestieri
  13. Yacob first choice Pelupessy second choice Hutch CB Jones surplus to requirements
  14. Our issue is FFP, so if he, or any signings we make, are on long contracts to spread the fee out over several years of FFP accounting, with some outgoings to bring cash in this year, then it's not impossible we could spend decent money this summer and still make the sums add up.
  15. davethemagicweasel

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    If we're sticking with 3 at the back then I'd start to consider Hutch as primarily a CB, who can cover CM if needed. Prob better for his knees, and he can play the ball out from the back pretty well. Then I'd like a new physical/powerful CM, to compete with Pessy for the destroyer midfield role, leaving Bannan and Lee to compete for the more creative role. Although Lee at RWB may be worth a try as a way of fitting both him and Bannan in the side. Then we've got Jones for depth unless someone will take him off our hands...