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  1. Yacob first choice Pelupessy second choice Hutch CB Jones surplus to requirements
  2. Our issue is FFP, so if he, or any signings we make, are on long contracts to spread the fee out over several years of FFP accounting, with some outgoings to bring cash in this year, then it's not impossible we could spend decent money this summer and still make the sums add up.
  3. davethemagicweasel

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    If we're sticking with 3 at the back then I'd start to consider Hutch as primarily a CB, who can cover CM if needed. Prob better for his knees, and he can play the ball out from the back pretty well. Then I'd like a new physical/powerful CM, to compete with Pessy for the destroyer midfield role, leaving Bannan and Lee to compete for the more creative role. Although Lee at RWB may be worth a try as a way of fitting both him and Bannan in the side. Then we've got Jones for depth unless someone will take him off our hands...
  4. davethemagicweasel

    The new team Captain

    Hutch. He'd be brilliant. We need to make a new CB/CM who can be vice captain top priority in the summer but I'd give it Hutch regardless as making a new arrival captain straight away can be a tough ask (Taylor).
  5. davethemagicweasel

    Blast from the past - Marc Degryse

    No its the winter. Been poopydoo cold a few nights lately Works a treat, unlike the half dozen I left behind last time I moved
  6. davethemagicweasel

    Blast from the past - Marc Degryse

    Afraid so. The curse got Carbone and Di Canio as well before i noticed the pattern and stopped having names on the back. I'd forgot all about Taylor! Got a few Villa mates tho and they always rated him, another one we shouldn't have let go. And I realise I'm in a minority on this, but I also loved that sexy green away kit.
  7. davethemagicweasel

    Blast from the past - Marc Degryse

    Great player, loved him as a kid. Started what i thought was my own personal curse whereby whoever's name I got on my shirt left soon after. Comparisons to Palmer are bizarre though afaic. Degryse was more a number 10 than a CM. I always thought Pembridge was intended as the Palmer replacement.
  8. davethemagicweasel

    Ross wallace

    I called for his signing when he was available on a free, and since we know DC buys based on owlstalk comments I take full credit! Been great value. Especially when you consider the collective spend on Matias, McGeady, Buckley, McManaman & Boyd - and we've got more out of Wallace than them lot put together. I'd rather move some of the deadweight on and keep Wallace personally.
  9. davethemagicweasel

    Sam Winnall

    Fit, I'd say £6m minimum in the current transfer market. He's same age as Madine and has a better goals to games ratio at championship level. But not likely anyone will give us that whole he's injured so probably best to wait till January unless FFP forces us to take a cut price deal.
  10. davethemagicweasel

    Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    A co-worker told me they'd bumped into Lee recently; he rubbished rumours of his retirement when asked and said he was "a few weeks away". Not sure if that's a few weeks from training or playing though.
  11. I find people praying for help with a sporting event bizarre. If there is a god I'd hope he's focusing on the famines, wars, etc over a football match.
  12. Forestieri sulked and refused to play for us over a contract dispute, got dropped for a couple of games and was then brought back into the team and was later rewarded with an improved contract. Yet when a youngster gets into a contract dispute he's excluded for several months. Complete double standards. Attitude seems to be that we can bully youngsters into signing. Regardless of how the problem started or whose fault it was, I wouldn't sign now if I was Hirst after being treat like this.
  13. davethemagicweasel

    Song revamp

    Should be "with 3 at the back" But, nah, let's have a new song instead.
  14. davethemagicweasel

    Boyd says we weren't fit enough

    Bear in mind Carlos came in mid-summer. They probably did some fitness work as planned by Gray before Carlos shifted the emphasis, and we thereby stumbled onto the right mix that summer by luck more than judgement
  15. davethemagicweasel

    Hutchinson injured again?