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  1. Sam Winnall

    Fit, I'd say £6m minimum in the current transfer market. He's same age as Madine and has a better goals to games ratio at championship level. But not likely anyone will give us that whole he's injured so probably best to wait till January unless FFP forces us to take a cut price deal.
  2. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    A co-worker told me they'd bumped into Lee recently; he rubbished rumours of his retirement when asked and said he was "a few weeks away". Not sure if that's a few weeks from training or playing though.
  3. I find people praying for help with a sporting event bizarre. If there is a god I'd hope he's focusing on the famines, wars, etc over a football match.
  4. Forestieri sulked and refused to play for us over a contract dispute, got dropped for a couple of games and was then brought back into the team and was later rewarded with an improved contract. Yet when a youngster gets into a contract dispute he's excluded for several months. Complete double standards. Attitude seems to be that we can bully youngsters into signing. Regardless of how the problem started or whose fault it was, I wouldn't sign now if I was Hirst after being treat like this.
  5. Song revamp

    Should be "with 3 at the back" But, nah, let's have a new song instead.
  6. Boyd says we weren't fit enough

    Bear in mind Carlos came in mid-summer. They probably did some fitness work as planned by Gray before Carlos shifted the emphasis, and we thereby stumbled onto the right mix that summer by luck more than judgement
  7. Hutchinson injured again?

  8. Aye, well harsh to include Rudi on the same list as these shysters. Replace him with Jonk. Re Sinton : I rewatched a few 90s season review videos a bit back (needed cheering up!) and was surprised how many goals he either assisted or was involved in the build up to. Didn't hit the heights we hoped for from a record signing but he was pretty good when fit.
  9. Watching his England team used to literally put me to sleep, so it's a no from me.
  10. Jos Luhukay - POLL

    Not voted as I know nothing about the guy. Expected a "who the roger is Jos Luhukay?" option when I opened the thread. But, given our precarious league position and shocking form it'd be a huge gamble imo. If he doesn't hit the ground running we could be un-workable. I'm worried. Got a horrible feeling this season is going to end in tears.
  11. Pearson

    In which case the timing may now be right, can't hurt to enquire.
  12. Pearson

    It's a MASSIVE yes from me. Only issue is that yes he's said before he wouldn't want to manage us as he likes being able to come home to a city away from the day job. However, it's easy to say that when it's hypothetical, I think it's worth testing if he'd stick to it if the job was offered him.
  13. clubs you have a 'soft spot' for

    Spurs as they're my dad's team (tho he's at least as much a Wednesdayite now).
  14. Burton's first goal

    It all boils down to our failed transfer strategy of the last 18 months. I'm hopeful van Aken will be good long term, but we knew Loovens was reaching the end of his career and should have brought van Aken or his equivalent in a year sooner than we did, I'm which case he'd be a lot more ready to step up now. We know Hutch has biscuit knees and a few red cards in him, but we've failed to bring in another defensive mid as cover/competition. We did an least bring a successor for Pudil in with Fox, but he's not been as good as 2015-16 Pudil so even that's been a step backwards.
  15. Laughing stock

    This. Football's a fairly small world, people talk to one another. I expect any potential managers will give Chris Powell a ring and given his public comments ain't exactly complimentary I'd expect in private he'd be even stronger.