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  1. Spot on, the sense of entitlement is ridiculous. We've got 50p yet people expect us to sign world beaters. We've got a team of freebies, loans and injured players yet people expect us to be winning the FA cup and walking through whatever leave we happen to be in. But if you point these facts out you get called a "happy clapper"
  2. Yes let's sack him and get another even worse manager. Look how sack the manager culture has gone us since Carlos.... Worked really well for us hasn't it?
  3. Aww he shouts, need a tissue to cry into? The players aren't as soft as that.
  4. I'll never boo, the reason being I know for a fact if some random came up to me at work booing and whining then my service to them would instantly get worse not better. If someone is in your ear calling you all the names under the sun and booing (kinda like insulate Britain protestors having a tantrum) is that going to put you in the mindset to do better? If most people are honest that will be a no. It's similar to kids having a tantrum when mummy doesn't buy them a new toy.... it's not going to get you your own way.
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