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  1. not having a go but why not dawson in net? Looks like he’s had an awesome season out on loan and will be coming back into the squad full of confidence
  2. my dad was there too. you can tell from him and others talking about it that it was special. i will continue wading through the rivers of poo provided by swfc in the hope that one day I can experience it too must be similar for forest fans of a certain age hearing about the European cups. Just unimaginable to think your club ever did something like that
  3. On balance I’d probably stick with him but there’s a case for getting rid. Hate reading nonsense from extremists either way acting like they’ve got it all sorted out. the big thing for me, if we do change, is to look for a manager in a similar style. The wild swing to ultra-negative in pulis was a complete disaster. Consistency is king in building a successful side
  4. I’m 23. In my Wednesday career it hasn’t really gotten any better than Brighton semifinal. Occasionally older fans will mention it’s the anniversary of when we did something good, im starting to think they’re making it all up
  5. cheers all. Ended up in o’neills. uto
  6. as the title suggests. Wondering if anyone knows a decent pub in York to watch Sun’lnd tonight !
  7. Glad to see some love for Palmer on here. After their goal he made a couple of really important challenges that swung the momentum in our favour. One of our own..
  8. Wednesday fans can lose perspective far too easily imo. Moore is clearly not a perfect manager but operating at a very flawed club that 9 months ago a lot of us were certain was doomed. The man has done a decent job with a squad that is pretty overrated by some sections of the fanbase; given that the team is likely to get a boost from managerial continuity and fan support, why not get behind him?
  9. favourite aspect of the new stadium is that it literally includes a community library. as others have said not a great atmosphere there, wonder if it was installed to pre-empt "is this a library" chants from the away end
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