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  1. I remember Sunderland in the 1993 cup run. Got there stupidly early, so just sat on the back of the Kop waiting for it to fill up and my friends to arrive. Remember we had a minute's silence, and I remember there was a load of Mackems at the front left of the Kop - can't remember if they made noise in the silence, or if that is different memories merging. Anyway... Kop was RAMMED. I freaked out a bit at one point cos of that, was worried about a crush in the bit I was in. We scored the winner in the last minute when their goalie dropped the ball at Brighty's feet, and everyone went MENTAL I remember falling over pretty much as soon as we started celebrating, and just being on the ground hugging some bloke who I'd never met before, while everyone else was jumping around going mad on top of us. Most ridiculous celebration I can remember. There was another season when I went to about 10 games, and the only Wednesday goal I saw was in the 87th minute against Liverpool in the very last one, when we won 1-0 (Cresswell scored I think). I went flipping bonkers, people were celebrating hard obviously, with it being a late winner against a big side, but I went absolutely insane, I think I made a bit of a *** of myself to be honest
  2. Wittered on a bit about our great start and our prospects for the season over here, my bit is about 7-8 mins in
  3. Any London sorts, I'm DJing at the Budweiser Super Bowl party, at Dinerama in Shoreditch, tickets are a tenner and you get a couple of Buds free with that.
  4. Me and him used to get together to practice our DJing in the late 90s/early 00s in Notts, when we were mainly playing jungle and hip hop. So pleased to see that track do so well for him, he's a top lad and an amazing DJ, he deserves every bit of success he has. Tomato Pope is awesome too
  5. Went down the new venue Printworks that LWE are doing this lunchtime for a look around - they're the guys behind the Tobacco Dock events in London, this new place is unreal. Old printing press factory, on day Diana died they printed 6.5m papers there, got Troxler/Dice/Martinez Bros doing first one, and similar vibe for first run. Hard to describe how awesome it is, these are some photos from what will be the main room when it opens, although there's some incredible plans throughout the building.
  6. Been a while since I've posted anything on here, but thought some of you 'orrible lot might enjoy my new radio show https://www.mixcloud.com/EndlessRhythm/
  7. Here's an hour recorded from a sunrise boat party I played on The River Thames yesterday morning! Bob Marley & The Wailers - Sun Is Shining (Jesse Rose's 'Bootleg' Mix) Gigamesh - Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up, Part 1 (Gigamesh Edit) Oliver $ - Doin' Ya Thang offaiah - Trouble (Original Mix) Route 94 - My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Low Steppa Remix) Digitaria, 12 Stories - Bright Lights feat. Digitaria (Walker & Royce Remix) Green Velvet - Flash (Eats Everything Remix) DJ Deeon & Lee Walker - Freak Like Me (Armand Van Helden Remix) Rudimental - Waiting All Night (Todd_Edwards_Remix) Kill Frenzy - Make That Booty Clap feat DJ Funk (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) Walker & Royce - I.T.B. Kill Frenzy - No Panties Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt - Shake That (Blonde Remix) Jesse Rose, Trozé - Chocolate (Original Mix) Red Rack'em - Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (Original Mix) The Bucketheads - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Armand Van Helden Re-Edit) Disclosure - BOSS (Radio Edit) Stardust - Music Sounds Better [Will Clarke & Steve Westover ReRub] Hardrive, Low Steppa - Deep Inside (Low Steppa Remix) Justin Martin & Ardalan Ft. Party Patty - Function VIP Eats Everything (feat. Tiga Vs Audion) - ‘Dancing (Again!) (Extended Mix) Kenton Slash Demon - Singla (Original Mix) Riton - Rinse & Repeat GotSome, The Get Along Gang - Bassline feat. The Get Along Gang (Original Mix)
  8. I don't see how anyone with eyes and a brain could argue against that it should have been a penalty and a yellow for Hutchinson's shirt pulling thing. We got very, very lucky with that.
  9. He just wasn't very good - wildly inconsistent for both sides.
  10. I want to buy the new kit, but I'm unlikely to be able to go to the club shop any time soon, and ideally would like A.) to have it by Sunday and B.) try it on for size first. Anyone know where in London might stock it? Must be somewhere that has kits from below the Prem?
  11. I can't find it online anywhere, but the new Walker & Royce called ITB is absolutely massive.
  12. He scored 11 that season I think, hitting the post the same amount of times if memory serves, without ever looking like he'd settled. In a decent side he could have been a good acquisition.
  13. Oh absolutely, those two teams will rightly be favourites, and if Newcastle were a fraction longer at the bookies I'd back them myself for champions. But football is a strange beast, lets see how Newcastle get on in the first month or two before we have the coronation!
  14. We missed a chance. That's it. A really great chance, one game away and all that, but we get to have another go next season. And there's no reason to think that we won't be stronger than before. We can't control how strong the others are, and if we're honest we can't really predict it either. Benitez might tear it up and get 100 points with Newcastle, or he might struggle to adapt to the Championship and be sacked by Christmas.
  15. Can't argue with that - put some real quality down the spine of the team and keep the rest of the side together and I'd be surprised if we don't make playoffs at least. We saw the difference between what we've got and what Hull had the other day, that bit of experience and extra quality spoke volumes even if it was only a 1-0 in the end. The way some are talking on here the last couple of days, you'd think we might as well not bother turning up next season, that Newcastle and Norwich will win the autos and we've blown it completely. But football is a funny old beast. You just don't know what is round the corner - we could easily fall away even with some brilliant signings, or we could sign nobody and have a belter of a season. We missed an opportunity at Wembley, of course, that's hardly a great insight by anyone, but the great thing about football is that once the season ends, you can look forward to the next set of opportunities kick. Even if we lose a couple of our top players to the Prem, I have absolute faith that the team kicking off the season will be even stronger than the one that played at Wembley.
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