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  1. We have been poor all season and pre season, this pumpkin has to go.
  2. Even in victory that half of ‘football’ will be a standout this season for all the wrong reasons, at least we mustered one shot. On the positive side it absolutely can only get better in the second half Can’t it?
  3. Just one shot before ht would be encouraging.
  4. Maybe focus on a player having a good game, will save you beer money
  5. Dunno how we are allowing this to happen being the home team, 64% possession for them so far.
  6. Isn’t that just what we do and have done for 25 years or more, we are such a poorly run club it hurts.
  7. Can you imagine the “healthy” version after the poo model of the ‘unhealthy’ version No thanks.
  8. Good job it didn’t have long legs
  9. I hate the fact that we are good at disappointing but we are not the best at that… l give you sheffield united, the Masters…….Must try harder!
  10. Go and have a look at Burnleys recent history, you don’t have to be big to mix with the best, you just have to be run properly.
  11. Moore stopping the team from conceding late heartbreaking goals may be a start!
  12. After 55 years of hurt you can still rely on Sheffield Wednesday to disappoint. they have it down to an art form but can still find ways to twist that knife a little bit more. Will be hurting for days to come!
  13. Nope, ultimately failed to beat a poor Sunderland who we will face again next year.
  14. It happened v’s Hull it happened v’s Huddersfield over two legs, this Sunderland result is not a surprise. Moore has proved to be tactically naive, just like Carlos, Leeds went through the very process we are going through and have proved by employing a Manager of substance (Marcelo Bielsa) they can get where they want to go, Can we afford to employ a Manager of Marcelo Bielsa substance? Can we afford not to?
  15. “Why is it never us celebrating” Because we are consistent.
  16. If they really gave everything then we are clearly not good enough?
  17. Is it even possible there are more important things in life?
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