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  1. Sign players like this ! Has to be the best free transfer of the season? in fact most Norwich signings in the close season were free transfer.
  2. Let’s just hope we muster better stats than the last ‘must win’ game eh!
  3. If we were good enough to get to the play offs we would have beaten Stoke and/or had more than one shot on target in 90 minutes (That is a horrible stat in a must win game.) We have gone from two points from the play offs to now four and potentially six with Derby and Bristol C having a game in hand, It’s acceptable we may miss out on the play offs but the chances created is hard to stomach and has been a problem all season, Nuihu scored one of the easiest goals you will ever see against Blackburn from simple play, we are just not doing the simple stuff often enough, everything seems laboured. Aarons is a breath of fresh air let’s hope we can get him fit and playing for the remainder, he is just what we need at the moment.
  4. One shot is an appalling stat for a must win game.
  5. Corrected for you, this is no hiccup, we look pedestrian at best, even when we hold the ball up we are not getting enough players into the box it’s been happening for far to long under multiple coaches, it’s lazy football and we are reaping what we sow...”Sheffield Wednesday 0”
  6. Let’s concentrate on getting the big stuff right and the little stuff will take care of itself, if a team from our position is going to get to the play offs shear momentum will weigh more than goal difference.
  7. So in a nutshell in the last closed season they have sold 33.5 million quids worth of talent and brought in 4.5 million quids worth and shot to the top of the Championship! Now that’s wheeling and dealing
  8. Looks to me like he’s been reduced to being subbed to wind down the time, (sad) he has had no real game time for nearly three seasons now, probably won’t get any more chances until his value reduces and starts playing For a no mark team where he can reignite his goal scoring form.
  9. Please make it stop! poo like that happens once in a blue moon without expectation.
  10. The fact we have had 11 shots in the first half is a dramatic improvement.
  11. A plausable way of helping our defence............ A large flag of Bruces head behind our goal?
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