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  1. Have we ever had a goalkeeper that has had so may injuries, the bloke must be made of Balsa!
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself mate, this is Sheffield Wednesday we are all in it together
  3. How bad must it be when Sheffield Wednesday fans can laugh at you
  4. Oh sorry, when you said it was a penalty you meant it wasn’t. My bad
  5. Aaagh you mean it makes sense to Liam, sorry.
  6. There is always someone who sees the game differently, I think I will back the Ref on this one, he knows the rules.
  7. ffs we won, save your moans for the next game.
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal was struck. ‘12 points on next season instead of this season as long as you don’t appeal’? Surely if we were going to appeal it would have been done immediately?
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