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  1. That was Bridgy the same bloke that confronted Bruce at Lincoln.
  2. That could easily be Monk saying those words after the Brentford slaughter!
  3. I need too understand why people leave early, you are only there for 90 something minutes, you pay your money, is getting home early that important?
  4. Note, no tv cameras for the ‘big game’, they missed a classic!
  5. That pasta looks under cooked too, never get away with all todays master chef, cooking rounduns 😂
  6. If the players are not doing as they as they are told, the Manager is not/Has not been doing his job, I have backed Monk but he is not the right man for this job,
  7. This actually makes sense, I have gone from ....Back the Manager to hoping he just leaves, his decision making is totally bizarre, why has FF not started today?
  8. “Sunday leaguers” You are being too kind sir!
  9. Let’s just get the dead wood out first, the goal keeping problem will go away.
  10. In a nutshell. You would have to have a lot of faith in Mr Chansiri to buy one.
  11. Do you think they set up to play different against Huddersfield? Neither do I.
  12. I don’t think it is, they will pull together and put in on Wednesday because it suits their cause, we will come out with respect on Wednesday and then we play Brentford oh dear!
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