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  1. OzOwl


    You would have to be in a really bad place and playing dire ‘football’ to want Steve Bruce as your manager. Steve Bruce it is then.
  2. OzOwl


    So we persist with an injured Dawson? Whatever you think of Wildsmith he was on the bench to replace him in this event, another baffling non substitute decision.
  3. OzOwl


    Fair play but why wasn’t he replaced by a very competent Wildsmith, we are not talking about an out field player here, I’m gobsmacked!
  4. OzOwl

    Not a lot in it

    The Championship table begs to differ, I would swap Managers in a heartbeat.
  5. OzOwl

    Club record?

    Not about clean sheets for me, 6 shots on goal 3 on target in 90 minutes of football tells the story, our tempo is woefully slow, forest looked all over the shop when we ran at them towards the end. Mid table, mediocre Manager sleep walking to ordinary.
  6. Had the final say? Three words Rhodes not needed.
  7. Correctamundo, it makes my p1ss boil to see the club I love treat this competition with such contempt, it didn’t do us any harm in 1990/91 playing over 60 games in that season on the way to promotion and winning the trophy, how have things changed so much we have bigger squads and more money than we did then, hell we even had a reserve competition back then, have the players just become a bunch of ******* with fat wallets?
  8. I believe that was the season we beat Blackpool four times
  9. Stop it there was nothing wrong with the substitutions.
  10. Looks to me like the ‘plan’ is for Dawson to feed it out to the back line, we string several passes together ending back in Dawsons possesion, all this at 0-2. When in possesion we play like we are winning 5-0 and are seeing the game out WTF!
  11. Serious question here, what are players being ‘rested’ for? Kane was taken off halfway through the second half of the last game? He is the leading goal scorer in a competition. The game has become a complete farce.