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  1. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Or a hospital bed?
  2. Christ no wonder his shots were ending half way up the stands, we can forgive now
  3. I gotta say a great big thank you to leeds for being a great big bag o shyte and cheering our season up for at least two weeks of it
  4. Why do our managers seem to spend their energy worrying about how good the opposition is, the players must feel up against it before a ball is kicked....Weirdo’s.
  5. What would we protest about? Players getting injured? Ffs!
  6. Rhodes? At the time a good signing, really? And that is not hindsight, we really did not need another striker at the club at that time, baffling signing, don’t even try to defend it.
  7. First season we had the commitee, which were disbanded.......any coincidence?
  8. Rhodes was a totally unnecessary signing too, we were disgustingly over supplied with strikers at the time, to spunk x million on a striker that was clearly on the decline was stunningly stupid, 24 appearences for Boro with a return of 6 goals was hardly prolific!
  9. No Almen Abdi today

    Yes hope it’s nothing serious.
  10. Mattias - 2 weeks injured ??

    Neil said earlier this week the Matias injury “was worse than first feared and could be out for two to three weeks” That would make it nearly 2 months since the sending off when he looked fit and agile aginst a poor Brum side! Something is broken at the club and it’s not just the players!
  11. What is Mark Cooper doing these days, our number one target before CC, he wouldn’t possibly knock us back again would he
  12. No Almen Abdi today

    He cannot possibly be getting bonus money for appearences on the bench can he? the club needs to tell it’s supporters wtf is going on with him.
  13. I just think they were as surprised as us we had scored.
  14. Where’s Abdi today has he injured his ar5e?