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  1. Did Wildsmith shout anything from the bench when he missed?
  2. Somebody has made the Moore decision let’s keep everything crossed atm it is all we have
  3. I embrace your sentiments DJ but I don’t think there is a plan if we stay up, I believe Moore was brought in with the expectation of relegation. Given our position I am comfortable with the fact we are planning early and things will fall in place because of the early plan, am I being too positive?
  4. Well done Moore you have performed a miracle!
  5. Have we ever had a goalkeeper that has been so fragile?
  6. “I don't want to go down with a whimper.” You’d better leave now then Keiren.
  7. Well we lost against 10 men toys, I wouldn’t have any faith in this lot avoiding defeat against nine men with the ref pulling the blue and white on for us either, the sooner they sling their hook the better!
  8. Not me, the day we signed up Moore was the day Chansiri decided it also. Staying in the Championship will only prolong the inevitable we might as well get on with it, we also have to have to be patient aka Sunderland, we will not bounce, we need a couple of seasons to rebuild a complete squad. Next season is going to be very ugly!
  9. Have we ever had a goalkeeper that has had so may injuries, the bloke must be made of Balsa!
  10. Don’t be hard on yourself mate, this is Sheffield Wednesday we are all in it together
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