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  1. The only people thinking this is a bad draw are those that are deluded enough to think we could win the Cup
  2. Thee best player we have at S6.
  3. Yes but....... “The best keeper in the Championship”? Woeful positioning for Murphys execution! Keep it up son.
  4. Absolute farce! 5 minutes called over 45 minutes in the second half, even scoring a goal in that time which I would think attracts zero add on time the ref decides to add on another four minutes before ending the game in the 99th minute! Did a player die? It has become the new normal but there was absolutely no reason for it unless he was enjoying our fans whooping it up!
  5. Derby played like they are in a relegation fight, you are comparing apple shapes with pear shapes, we would have been joint third had we won!
  6. Get shut, damaged goods, a target for officials embarrassing when he actually does get fouled he looks like he is simulating he should be on the stage, his attitude stinks, there is a reason why he is getting part games.
  7. I’m all for Monk but the players we have though are spineless, yesterday was all you needed to see in that set of players we have, not good enough and have had plenty of chances, the reaction was an embarrassment yesterday after what Mowbray said midweek!
  8. Yes he did say that and mate it was very disrespectful for a team in our position, that is why we should have collectively as a team rammed those words down his throat and we buckled like little girls on their first halloween. This squad is spineless, we need to get shut of the bulk of it.
  9. Those words should have been motivation for any team with a spine of which we have proved we don’t have. You were right Tony, you see us for what we are thank you for pointing it out. Go out and replace these players Mr Monk it is the only way forward!
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