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  1. ffs we won, save your moans for the next game.
  2. 2-0 fixes all this. I'm just a simple guy.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal was struck. ‘12 points on next season instead of this season as long as you don’t appeal’? Surely if we were going to appeal it would have been done immediately?
  4. Hitler had a very valid reason for his actions..............IN HIS HEAD! it was a brutal assault which warrants punishment, the person that did that is not a person fitting of the position of a Policeman.
  5. Take a look at our last 30 games it will deffo be a whimper without a recruiting injection.
  6. Shouldn’t we be recruiting now? If we don’t start soon we will be the whipping boys of the Championship there is absolutely no doubt of that.
  7. Because we are equally rubbish at anything set piece.
  8. The Blackburn away game in 1980 our promotion season is etched into my mind, it was the turning point of the free fall, all the bad poo for that period ended that night we knew we were going up. Thank you Big Jack, you were the f#*king man
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