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  1. Mysterious Dwarfs. Heard they have a bit of a height disadvantage at set pieces.
  2. Bury were screwed over big time by the EFL. They have been much more patient towards Derby. I can only think there is another points deduction incoming & WR has thought 'sod it, not this again'. Can''t say I blame hiim TBH.
  3. Wednesday, Peterborough, Bolton, Oxford, Portsmouth, Ipswich
  4. Harsh. I love the view of Rotherham.....as I floor the accelerator and watch it get smaller in the rear view mirror.
  5. DerbyMiller. Thinking of you at this difficult time
  6. Leciesters old Filbert Street. Elland Road. Boltons Reebok/Macron/whatever it's called at the moment.
  7. Forestieri will get the blame again. 10 match ban incomg.
  8. So with Derby, Barnsley & Peterborough dropping down & Forest Green, Bristol Rovers & Exeter coming up, it seems we'll be playing this lot next season as well. Awful place. Last time I went there was 2-0 defeat in the League Cup when Francis 'Wingnut' Jeffers headbutted someone & was sent off. Such joy
  9. I'm more amazed that they found someone in both Burnley AND Leeds who can write.
  10. So much cringe. Straight out of the 'Sheffield United Guidebook For Straw Clutching" By Carlos Tevez. Neither would give the slightest f**k if they were both marooned in mid-table.
  11. "I was trying to step over him".... Yeah, right Just like that bloke that attacked Madines fist with his eye.
  12. Top level sh*thousery from DC there Leaving that Almen Abdi mannequin in the middle of carriageway, thereby ensuring Sunderland & their fans don't get here until 10 minutes before kick off.
  13. One bad slip by a player who has barely put a foot wrong all season has decided this. Otherwise him & Palmer were excellent. Based on the first hour, I'd take that all day & the latter stages they were panicing & hanging on. There is nothing to be scared of here. I'm confident we can turn this round. Think like it's the Portsmouth game - behind early on, but come firing back and get three, four.
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