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  1. So what are ‘the rules’ for tonight’s game? I love being told what I can and what I can’t do at the match? If we lose and play rubbish am I allowed a little boo? If we lose and play well do I have to clap and cheer? If we win do I have to tell everybody we are the best team ever?? Any help on these matters would be good..tia
  2. No he didn’t..but maybe the booooin was the kick up the backside they all needed after the woeful 1st half.if somebody booed me at work I would up my game and think ‘eff you..il show you wot I can do’
  3. Peterboro ticket arrived just now witjh bolton ticket..so anybody else waiting..you will get it in todays post
  4. So if there’s tickets left..can I not go to the Wednesday shop tmoro and buy another and get the other one cancelled..so it’s save me having to go to Peterborough ticket office??
  5. Same..what do you do if ticket dosnt arrive..waiting for postman now but it’s not looking good
  6. Xactamondo..do anybody go to the bar at a game or a concert and expect to pay the same price as they do in their local? Such a borin subject this..
  7. Quality as expected..i dont want to blow smoke up yer arse..but whitechapel owl is the king of photoshop..closely followed by camfitti
  8. My grammar depends on how many slurps ive had..but i remember the realist..the realrealist etc..thought they wer great posters..love to see em posting again
  9. Nowt wrong wi new show if you ask me..i like to see all the goals from the football league..and it fullfills my needs..not bothered about people talkin
  10. Get that green polo in stock wot moore is wearin and it will fly out..good stuff sells crap stuff dunt..thsts my idea..your welcome
  11. Ive hesrd they wer fannying about with the vape for ages..throwin it between themseøfs for ages..for no point..till somebody decided to launch it
  12. Do they sell it in the shop? Usually a bit too ‘cool and edgy’ to wear wednesday stuff..but if it’s in the shop I’m piling down Monday morning to acquire one??
  13. Any proof or is that just your opinion? What did you think of our midfield against Sunderland? Big strong..energetic..athletic..bazza is a legend but we need to evolve
  14. This thread might have legs..bit like the uproar when some silver foil got chucked at burton last year
  15. Will Smith will score as many as Mat this season...we have been had yet again
  16. Cus he’s not very good..but apparently second biggest earner at the club..strange signing..should be looked into imo
  17. He’s not a bottle of red..how many footballers get better with age??
  18. Wotsisname that shud say ?? Ian shaw??
  19. About as good as him who went to Celtic last year..otsisna,e??
  20. Maybe he’s just gettin older...it happens..even to bazza
  21. Thought it wer ‘Shaun flair’ or sumat like that...45 mins against villa and he thought he had made ut
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