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  1. Scargill played you all big time whilst featherin his own nest...pass it on
  2. Stay indoors stay safe..? You aren’t a civil servant are you...for the rest of us we have to go out and earn a crust
  3. I hope every Wednesday fan in th3 world who are on twitter send him a oooooops
  4. So different opinions = numptys or ‘swimming against the tide’..don’t engage wi me anymore
  5. Wudnt that have been a udders double? Wits it got to do with us? We need to stop obsessing about crap ex players..reckon some of our fans prefer ex players to current players..we have va very strange fan base if u ask me
  6. Was there as a 10 year old the same night hms Sheffield got sunk..apparently one of theirs took a dive to earn a pen..kicked off all over place after..as much as I can’t stand blunts light..love them floodlights..reckon millmoor and Boston utd have got highest fllodlights in uk
  7. He is still our downfall..I bet about 20% of our debt is due to Rhodes...why any Wednesday fan is pleased for him I will never know...when them sort of crosses come in for us he Wundt have gambled...heed have hobbled back towards the halfway line with that massive piano on his back..fuming tonight..but if those filthy grunts get past forest..and he scores a goal (or a pen) he can still be a wenzdy legend
  8. Are you ok? I and just about everybody I know don’t decide to travel judgin on the distance..it goes in allocatin u muppet...why did Wednesday take nearly 4K to gillingham and 2k to Lincoln?
  9. Yep..and about 100 mill of debt..but at least we had a day out at Wembley
  10. I bet financially there’s zero difference to league 1 and the championship...any extra revenue from tv will be eaten up by having to pay higher wages
  11. Home games are pretty tragic tbh..there must be a reason why there’s a massive clamour for away tickets..all over Facebook twitter etc..it’s up to Wednesday to try and make home games more appealing
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