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  1. Well it looks like they are goin to be like rockin horse poo poo then
  2. Tbh maybe we shud consider 2nd half season tickets...nearly 2 hrs to watch a football match is a long time..a lot of people don’t have the time or attention span to watch a full game..and let’s face it the 2nd half is the most important bit..we could score 3 in first half but it means nothin if we concede 4 in 2nd half...on a similar theme US tv companies have been buying rights to basketball games just for the last quarter..seeing as most games end up like 124-116...what’s the point in watchin the all game..maybe something worth lookin at
  3. 'Sleeper cells' tho ..havnt seen this tragic phrase for a while..
  4. On top of that you have got the fire stick merchants also watching..so you will never know how many are watching on I follow..and to my reckoning people either go to games or they dont..for those who don’t go watching on tv is a bonus..if they cudnt watch it they wudnt be there anyway...it’s not an either or..in my humble opinion
  5. Somethings amiss...he’s been back a few days and we havnt had a bollocking yet
  6. Really didn’t like him...stole megsons glory imo...then quite obviously wanted his pay off and stopped trying
  7. He wasn’t right for them...cus he wanted to sign some good players in January...and they havnt got a pot to pi55 in
  8. Why dont they drop the dons gonads and go with MK utd or MK city or summat?
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