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  1. I decided to do some research on their most commonly titled threads and these are the results. 1. Why are the Wendies better than us? 2. Does it always smell of bacon at Bramall Lane? 3. Why is our honours board tinpot? 4. Who do Rovrum play next at home? 5. Who is your Goat Sheffield Wednesday player? They're obsessed.
  2. Turn down offers from supposedly bigger clubs. Stick with the team through thick and thin and not jump ship at the first opportunity. Never disappear in a game.
  3. If I were good enough to play for Wednesday and MUCH younger, where they are now, if a top club came in with a huge offer, would I stay? I'd like to think I'd be loyal. But in reality, with everyone advising me, your head gets turned these days. I would want to play for an attacking club with a good fan base and a nice stadium. Sod it, you can stick your contract, I'm staying at Wednesday.
  4. What would your Chansiri Biscuit Knee XI be? There are some strong contenders who got to know that injury table a bit too well. And who would your biscuit knee captain be? Though I think I can already guess.
  5. I agree. He knitted the forward line up together. Made space for Forestieri, Wallace and Lee with his movement.
  6. We might have gone up if we had had 3 Gary Hoopers. Hopefully, only 2 would have been injured for the playoffs.
  7. On a more serious note, I'd say. Bannan Forestieri K. Lee
  8. Lee Chapman started out as my favourite player. He scored a hattrick in one of my first games at Hillsborough. But Hirst took his place. My dad and I used to talk about Hirsty all the time. Just an incredible player before Arsenal did him in. I think I'd still gladly take a golf club to the likes of Bould and Linighan. At least they broke Morrow's arm in the league Cup final celebrations. Waddle was majestic. We were so lucky to see him play for us. And Roland. Just what an absolute legend and professional. He must have had huge pockets, because he put everyone in them. Lee Sharpe will give Wednesday a headache. Nope. I'm my pocket. Nilsson caught wingers like Pokemon. He gotta caught em all.
  9. Who would make it into a Biscuit Knee FC for Wednesday? Almen and Wim have to feature surely? Would Fletcher get in the side?
  10. Or maybe not. I'm not happy we have another season on this poo division. But I won't blame one individual on it.
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