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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the Sunderland match? Date and time I can’t find a thing about it. I guess we’d all like to see where in the table we’ll be when we’ve played our game in hand.
  2. I’m very concerned about the big picture here, not just at present but on a timescale that runs over decades. We seem keen enough to blame the covid, the 6 point deduction, etc, for Wednesday’s present woes, but to be honest we’d be blind if we failed to detect some serious, long term, underlying problem here. The covid has only been with us for 20 months, and has affected every club, not just Wednesday, but almost none of the other clubs have failed to pay their players and slid down the league into a position wholly disproportionate to Wednesday’s true station. How do we account for the difference between them and us? The 6-points deduction is another straw that we cling to. But promotion class clubs routinely pull 30 or even 40 points above the relegation zone! Routinely! Every season! To them, 6 points is nothing. It only requires an extra 2 ... two... wins, over forty-six games! But in a disturbing contrast with these promotion- deserving clubs, Wednesday couldn’t do it. And how do we account for that? Nor does luck come into it. Arsenal has been in the top flight for 100 years. Everton for 70. Good boardroom management is just that.. good management. They know what they’re doing!! We can’t blame the lack of a fan base either. Ours is a Premier League level fan base! So what on earth is wrong? We haven’t seen the Premiership for 20 years! What is wrong, in my humble opinion, is in the boardroom. They handle the finances, they recruit the team managers, and on a historical timescale Wednesday has consistently failed to build a team far more important than the one on the pitch... the Chairman and Directors who control the whole smash. Any company will succeed if it is consistently run by polished experts who know what they’re doing. But if not, it will decline and fail. And that, in a nutshell, is the difference between the Arsenals and Evertons of this world, and Sheffield Wednesday. Manchester United for example, has a team of directors which includes men like Bobby Charlton, working together with polished executives who know how to run a football company, and are just as good at that as Charlton was on the pitch. They look on their club as a serious entity, not a toy to be owned by a rich kid somewhere as his plaything. Wednesday’s chairman, by contrast, is very good at canning tuna fish. I’d like to hear your views.
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