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  1. He wouldn't get in our side at the moment, so he might as well be in that position at Celtic earning a bit more money and learning a new language
  2. I'm against scapegoating of players - we win and lose together. Toxic threads like this really don't help.
  3. I was on the back row of the seated stand - so the wind was coming from behind. Just watched the highlights back and you can see it a little on there
  4. Fizz looked like his leg was about to fall off at the full time. Put a proper shift in, hope he is fit for the weekend.
  5. For me, Wing and Bannan don't work together. I liked the 3 we finished with. Wide men - we seem to be keen to play Hunt and Johnson in those spots. They are (on current form) limited at best. Johnson did eventually get into the stride of the game, but was almost Palmer-esqe in the first half. They do offer more on the defending side, but going forwards they are not a patch on the proper wingers we have in the squad. Which is wherein lies our problem. We do not score (or look like scoring) enough goals. I feel for the strikers because they are cut adrift from the rest of the team. Its hard to tell if they are playing well or not becuase they are so little involved. As a team we are less than the sum of our parts right now. The question is, can Moore find the key to unlock the potential.
  6. They even sold fresh veg where I thought was a burger van
  7. Something tells me today we will finally see everything click together and win 4-0
  8. We will never know I suppose - but I didn't see him taking the team on the mighty run that was needed. I'll give him credit, he clearly loves the club and that extra passion might just get the extra we need from the players. Only Patterson today showed that edge.
  9. We are playing at home - and chasing the game. However them just trotting back isn't good.
  10. I don't know why but today Dunkley looked really uneasy with the ball. Also agree we didn't win the second ball very often and for the first half they had an extra man in those areas. I was wondering why Moore didn't move people round after 20 minutes tactically.
  11. We didn't have these problems at Wigan, where we were more direct.
  12. Megson failed last time - unsure he is the solution
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