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  1. I always park at nunnery Square Park and ride just of the parkway and get the tram round to Hillsborough. Not being from Sheffield I love a trip on the tram. Sad really.
  2. They have just sent me a print at home ticket for the Gillingham game. Its not worth getting to the turnstile and the card not working then having to go back to the shop.
  3. Does anyone know if tickets get loaded to the membership card as it only gives you the option to pay for postage or print at home when buying tickets??
  4. It only gives you print or pay for postage when you check out as a member. I had to select print for Gillingham tickets. It supposed to load to card but says nothing about it at checkout.
  5. The only good thing the club has left is the fans. Fact.
  6. I love the chair test. It will be so funny when it collapses.
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