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  1. Its a long season and have seen how injuries have affected us in the past. I'd like to see more pace inject into the squad, maybe another wing back to rotate with Hunt/Johnson and another striker to get in behind defences. Plus with Brennan going out on loan, we need another CB or two.
  2. Looks like he played 40 games last season so not injury prone then.............................. ............................................. Until he joins us
  3. Great news, and hopefully he will be trusted by Moore to turn out for us in the micky mouse Pizza cup.
  4. Again need better, move on and delete thread
  5. Need better move on - please delete thread
  6. First few fixtures prediction Plymouth, (A) Barnsley (H). Midweek Derby (A) Forest Green (A) midweek Peterboro (H)
  7. Nope it would have been a full rerun of War of the Monster Trucks.
  8. Yep agree and can also say same about Gibson.
  9. Could he do a job for us if we convince him to do one last season
  10. Enjoy your success pal, it’s been a long time coming and your support deserves it, Just hope it doesn’t take us that long to bounce back.
  11. A warrior and always gave 110% and showed a great will to win. Should have been made captain before it was given to Bannan. Shocking decision to let go when we are so scarce in defence.
  12. His free kicks looked good at Grim Grimsby but no chance Bannan is going to let him hear. I’d give him a chance next season as did show some promise under Monk.
  13. Flint, Cahill, Akinfenwa a dream team of cocoons to take us to the promised land
  14. How many games did he play last season? Canna be arsed to look but seem to remember we sent him back after about 10 mins due to injury.
  15. Yep congrats Mackem deserved win today - hope to see you late in 2023
  16. From that we defo need a full rebuild. Lets hope we find some young gems
  17. Oh sh1 te forgot we are in this pointless EFL trophy again next season
  18. Some very good ideas here. if only those football gods came out of their prawn sandwich eating ivory towers and read Owlstalk we’d have such a bettter game.
  19. Yep should have kept him even as cover, no transfer fee needed, can play all across the back, and good experience to have around the squad. Very strange decision but Moore knows best
  20. Just rubs more salt in wounds watching this.
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