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  1. They do say tomorrow never comes, so can safely say next week won’t either
  2. Great, let’s see if we try to convert him into a wing-back that spends over 50% in our half
  3. Yep all these must wins under Moore have worked so well in the past. We even failed to beat Florest who turned up as though it was a training game last season and we hardly mustered a shot.
  4. Member 712 Peacock-Farrell 6 ; Not commanding at all today then again defence in front of him shocking Johnson 4 ; Fault for 1st goal but not blaming him totally being played out of position Hutchinson 6 ; Can’t cover central defence in his own. Palmer 6 ; Stready but not a CB NML 6 ; Isolated and wasted wide on the left. Way too right footed. Needs to play further forward on the right where he can damage opposition. Bannan 7.5 ; Great 1st half, disappeared for the 2nd - extra point for the great finish Luongo 7.5 ; Great again bug overrun in midfield with Dele so poor Dele 3 ; He didn’t turn up today. Lacked effort, and just watched their runners without tracking or sticking close. Worst I’ve seen from him. Hunt 8 ; MOM for me - driving runs in first half - looked dangerous when we had more of the ball. Tired late in 2nd half. Gregory 6.5 ; Worked hard, linked play but missing chances. Sow 5; Had the odd good burst but overall not involved enough and poor. Windass 7.5 ; Time he should be starting especially in todays 6-pointer. Brown 1 ; Not his fault he was brought on but WHY ??? Garbage decision.
  5. His worst game for me today - he didn’t look like he knew where he was supposed to be. lots of shoulder shrugging and stood in space when they had the ball etc - a strange performance
  6. Farke, a million bonus to get us up in 18 months and surely he would be tempted
  7. Best post of the afternoon ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. And even worse, decides to bring Brown on for NML which I saw as an attempt to try to keep ther draw, instead of bringing on the new lad for Johnson and push NML further forward.
  9. All top managers start from the back, first thing they do sort out the defence - how long has Moore been here? Enuf said
  10. Even your support of the clueless Moore must be waining - He is worse than Monk !!!!
  11. 5-3-2 / 3-5-2 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Lets do the basics and go 4-4-2
  12. We have no idea how to manage a game, just keep playing the same, and looks more scattergun than anything else. Still ready for todays post match "We wanted to win, we tried to win, just not getting the breaks, we go again"
  13. If only we could go behind twice and show fight to come back and win a game !!
  14. Get rid pf Moore now and lets start a rebuild ready for next season
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