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  1. Hahahaha thanks for spotting - here goes Palmer : 7 - Steady away prefer him at CB rather than RWB in this system
  2. Not sure whats gone wrong with Marvin - game seems to be passing him by and that cross in 2nd half We need to get him on the ball more.
  3. Yep looked our best defender and very accomplished on the left side until the curse hit ! Looked to be a bad injury
  4. Prefer us to offload him to free up wages for a more accomplished striker
  5. A win's a win but that was very hard work against one of the worst oppos seen since we dropped into this poo LG1 last year. Stockdale: 7.5 - A couple of great shot stopping saves. Good performance. Hunt: 6 - Didnt get forward as spent most of time having to defend as we didnt have the ball. Ihiekwe: 7 - Better at RCB than last week on the left. Heneghan: 6 - Okay in the main but miss-control 1st half to let in Will Griggs almost cost us. Famewo: 7 - Great debut, solid and was thinking we'd found a quality CB until he was carried off. MarvinJ: 6 - Not on ball enough, game passing him by and that miscued cross 2nd half disapointing. Still best crosser at the club. Dele Bash: 7.5 - MOM and improved again after Bannan was subbed. Great prospect, 1st name on team sheet. Vaulks: 6.5 - Still looked rusty after missing most of pre-season but very promising and think might be a astute signing. Bannan: 6 - Frustrating, petulant and poorest I've seen from him for awhile. Patterson: 5 - Still a donkey, can't hold ball up, Is never first to ball in area, gives away meaningless free kicks etc etc etc. Windass: 7.5 - Worked hard, great play for the pen and stuck it away. Can only improve with fitness with more games. Moore: 5 - Slow to react again when under the cosh, late subs - got away with it today but pls bring a good coach in to help manage games better. And sort out half time talks !
  6. Does he realise he needs to try to control and hold the ball up from time to time instead of just scrapping with the defender and giving away aimless free kicks
  7. Played well today and proved he is a shot stopper. Not sure about his dealing with crosses after last week still
  8. Jim will be along any minute saying how giddy we should be after this disjointed performance.
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