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  1. I just hoped I'd pick up a cheap one on a whim TBH. Who in their right mind would pay full price for a 21/22 shirt now.
  2. I was in Meadowhall the other day and fancied picking my daughter up a top as it's the end of the season I thought they would be discounted, she's only 2. I assumed they would be at least 50% off. No reduction at all. Why can't we get the simple stuff right? Pigs knocking their tops out for £30 a pop for an adults. Maybe I'm just tight but it is the norm to get them reduced before the season even finishes right?
  3. Bugger I missed that. Saw a post on Instagram and he seems up for it. “Half time. See you Monday”
  4. Are we talking match fitness? He seemed ok to me when he came on.
  5. Something in my heart says he starts but I’m not sure head
  6. Could a full 90 minutes from this lad be the difference, especially at home. I think so. Clearly likes playing with Gregory and Bannan. Could cause havoc IMO.
  7. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but one injury to Palmer, Brennan or worst case Dunkley and we’re in trouble in my opinion. Does anyone know when Hutch or Iorfa are back I can’t seem to find a date on those two.
  8. True that. But your never gonna succeed if you don’t have the backing of the fans. Next 4 games look very winnable. If your right I’ll be fuming this time next week. Enjoy it whilst you can I say.
  9. Not being funny but I genuinely enjoy watching us just win after the last couple of years. Good goal 1-0. Rather that than play well and lose but I do understand your point.
  10. This thread should probably get merge with the We Won Again thread so we can all get mad about winning in one rather than two threads pls admin.
  11. I do understand I really do but we’ve just beat a top half team. Might build some confidence at least? We’re Wednesday not Barca. Also shouldn’t be in league one I guess.
  12. And winning is the sign of of good team right? Two wins on the trot, never mind who we’ve played is a good thing. Remember 4 games in? it was all roses. Let’s get back to that feeling and atmosphere? If we can’t support the manager and team after winning what is the point? Wins a win. WAWAW
  13. Just wondering if it's just me that's noticed this but most of his shots in the box seem to go high to the roof of the net. Risky technique. This sounds like a diss but it is genuinely just something i've picked up on. Probably a load of cobblers from me and I'm going mad.
  14. Very good point and I can’t wait to see him back. Where do you think he’ll fit in? Listened to a couple of podcasts with him on and I don’t believe he’s a fan of being out wide but he’s not an obvious number 9. Hope he isn’t shoehorned out wide but I guess that might be the only option with Gregory in the same team?
  15. Well lets hope for a win on Saturday and I think we can say we've had a decent start all considering. Wasn't sure I'd be saying that after the last two weeks. Funny old game.
  16. Everybody has been saying we can judge this team / manager after 10 games in. I should probably wait for Saturday to post this but if we win I’d say it’s a good start from the manager and team. If we lose not so great. What’s your opinions? Funny how one game can make such a difference. To me anyway.
  17. TBF I wouldn't mind seeing how Berahino got on ......
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome. He’s a new player I was just wondering how he faired and was hoping for some positives which I believe there is in most replies. Shall I not ask how players played in their first match in future?
  19. Well I think that's answered my first Owlstalk post very efficiently. I expect all responses in the future to be this concise and informational. Thats for that!
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