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  1. Yes, then Pep Guardiola said Alex Hunt was the best prospect he'd ever worked with. No, hang on, it was the other way round wasn't it?
  2. Exactly, like 99% of people who've seen him play. Good player in the right team
  3. Oh yeah, sorry, he gets paid more than you. I forgot
  4. Me too. There's loads of players from that era that we had on loan or short terms deals that I have no memories of them ever playing for us
  5. I can understand the decision to play him. We needed goals and he's useful at set pieces. What I can't understand is the decision to sub him with 10 mins left for Kadeem Harris, when Derby are protecting a draw
  6. Can't win with some can he... Says nothing - he doesn't care Says something - his agent's written it for him I don't particularly rate him as a footballer, but comes across as a genuine guy. Been at Wednesday most of his life and all of his career, I bet he is gutted
  7. Time will tell on the wages, maybe it's simply a cash flow issue, rather than a reflection of his level of wealth. Either way, it's certainly been handled very badly. Players finding out the day before a game that their money hasn't gone in!? And that's the worry with Chansiri - even if he's loaded, the way he runs the club is terrible. People say "if only we'd won that game at Wembley, or the semi against Hudds" but look at where Hull City and Huddersfield Town are now. Hull coming back up from League 1 and Town in any other season would have been in the thick of a releg
  8. So reading between the lines... We're signing Kennit Anderson?
  9. Dunkley on for last 10 as a makeshift centre forward, if/when we need a goal
  10. 1. Weaver 2. Bullen 3. Smith 4. Moore 5. Thompson 6. Haslam 7. Paxo 8. Williams 9. Att Chansiri 10. Raffle winner (TBC) 11. That lass of the Elev8 advert
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