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  1. I've heard a rumour that the academy physio is getting sacked tomorrow....
  2. I'm sure you have the stats to back that up, but interestingly when we first signed him, my QPR mate said "he's a decent player, but he's never fit" Said he'd go off and play for Australia, then he'd take 4 or 5 games to get back up to speed. I wonder if QPR played him a lot when he was carrying injuries. Bit like us with Kieren Lee. Maybe we're seeing the effects of that now
  3. Pleased for Dawson that he's made a good start down there. He came in under difficult circumstances for us and looked alright for the first 10 games. But the difference between top keepers and the rest is that consistency and concentration to avoid silly errors. Probably needed this loan a year or two ago, but hope he keeps improving
  4. Could do with losing a bit Fat c*nt Conner Wickham looks in good shape though
  5. You can argue about - does he play too deep? Does he play the Hollywood ball too much? But anyone with eyes in their head can see he's our most talented player by a country mile. Must be the fittest and most committed player in the squad too. Seems to be a top man as well
  6. Paterson will be sweating on this. Take away his long throw and his value will plummet by at least £50
  7. Well Thierry Henry did that and f*** all happened. But you're right, they just need sufficient numbers to follow suit You even had Curtis Woodhouse posting a rant about nobody following Henry's lead and deleting their Twitter account, because they were all more bothered about money. Unfortunately, he posted this rant... on his Twitter account... then quickly deleted it when the hypocrisy was pointed out
  8. Ok, we'll agree to disagree. For me legislation is a much simpler way than relying on self regulation (which has given us what we have now) or people choosing to walk away (what's stopping them now?).
  9. And what if they don't? What if they're run by people who only care about money and power? What if they're not bothered about people being exploited and abused? What if the advertisers aren't bothered either? Twitter is an absolute sewer, but they're not going bust anytime soon. Do you think the directors of a big tech company will act more responsibly than a democratically elected government? Mark Zuckerberg doesn't need your vote in 4 years
  10. I presume he said it to make that point i.e. it's not necessarily an 'England' problem, as it's been presented in the media
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