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  1. Jonk was poor for us. But always got to remember, he went from picking out the runs of Marco Van Basten in for the Dutch team, to picking out the 'runs' of Andy Booth for us.
  2. A few 'miscellaneous' unmarked tapes in there... "Just off to the Wednesday room, luv..."
  3. Yeah, I know, they'll be making electric cars next...
  4. What if you like the taste of meat, but don't like animals being killed for meat? Just a thought
  5. He'd be a disaster. He'd set ridiculously high standards that nobody can live up to, then chuck his toys out of the pram when Josh Windass can't perform at Van Nistlerooy's level
  6. Gonna be a bit awkward when he's turns up and Mick McCarthy is sat as his desk
  7. "*any footballer with a brain* backs *incumbent manager*"
  8. Hmmm... several eyelids were batted on here to say the least. Reading between the lines, it seems that TPs 'mutual consent' offer covered himself only and not his staff, which was an issue for DC as he would still be lumbered with them. Also seems to be some disagreement about how this would be announced
  9. To be fair, he should still have the shortlist in the drawer from last time he appointed a manager
  10. Was just going at ask the same. Assumed it was on red button on sky, but can't see anything in the TV guide. Is it an iFollow job?
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