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  1. I think if we'd tried to high press Fulham from the first whistle we would have lost 3 or 4 nil. If course we'll never know, but I can understand why he set up like he did
  2. Had a pint of fosters before the game and they "only' charged me 4 quid, so must just be the sign that's wrong
  3. I went for Borner, but thought Palmer was excellent yesterday, against one of the best wingers in the division. Very nearly played Fletcher in a couple of times as well I'll hold my hands up and admit that a couple of years ago I said Palmer would never be a footballer "if he's not kicked on by now...etc". Very glad to be wrong on this one.
  4. I thought Bannan was very good today. He seems to have reined it in a bit with the Hollywood balls, which means he doesn't catch the eye as much, but in my view, this makes him more effective. As you say, great ball for the second goal and got his foot in a bit as well
  5. Would love to see Rhodes and Fletcher start up front, but don't think it will happen
  6. I think whoever is wearing the armband has approximately zero effect on the performance of the team
  7. To paraphrase the press conference: Reporter: "Chairman are you glad to be appointing Garry Monk?" DC: " *sigh*... I guess..." Reporter: "Garry, is this your dream job?" GM: "Yeah, whatever, pays the mortgage dunt it..."
  8. Some have nailed their colours to the mast and will now be obsessed with proving they were 'right' all along for the next 6 months, by criticising every thing he does. I'd like to think the less militant owlstalkers will give him a fair crack of the whip
  9. Don't give the EFL ideas, I heard about someone getting a 6 game ban for less...
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