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  1. Have I? You said it gets you that they're going to "get their heads together about the plans for next year" Sounds pretty normal to me. I doubt it's the first time they've thought about it
  2. Bloke at work has meeting with his boss. It's not that strange is it?
  3. Maybe we can tap up Jan Kholler at the legends game. Good feet for a big man, could do a job etc.
  4. Jesus wept, it's an analogy, he's not saying it's literally identical. Bit like if you can somebody a 'grammar nazi' I think we all understand that the actual Nazi regime of the 1940s, was a bit more serious. That's how analogies work, you make a comparison to a more extreme example, with some similarities
  5. Also, if you're called Stephen, just go with Stephen or Steve. "Stevie"
  6. I don't get the mentality of some people What's the thought process that leads somebody to get up this morning and think "I know, I'll have a go at our best and most hardworking player, for earning a wage he could have easily got with another team in the league above"?
  7. I was in the North too and atmosphere was great. I think I went to a different game to most of the posters on this site. What I saw was two evenly matched teams, playing out a tight semi final, that was decided in the 93rd minute. Both teams roared on by great support. Not sure why people thought we were ever going to steamroller Sunderland. Then beat us comprehensively in the league game at theirs, and I think everyone accepts the 3-0 at Hillsborough was a bit fortunate for us. Then they brought in Alex Neil, who's firmed up the defence and got them to finish 1 point behind us in the league. It was scrappy at times and neither keeper had much to do, but it wasn't for lack of effort or Moore's tactics, or lack of atmosphere. It was a draw after 180 minutes, against a team with an almost identical league record. Disappointing to eventually lose like we did, but certainly no disgrace
  8. Don't think Friday's performance was anything to do with fitness, he was still covering the ground. More to do with Sunderland being well up for it and working very hard to close us down
  9. No need to panic, 1-0 down with over 2 hours of football left in the tie. NML and Windass on for last 20
  10. Let's be honest, at the time George Hirst wasn't going to fire us to the Premier League, which was the stated aim. We had to go for established players at that point
  11. More just the gesture than the pounds and pence. Felt like a twos up to the club (and by extension the supporters). I'd love to hear the Hirsts version of events, especially David, but I guess we never will. In fairness to George, he just comes across as a lad who likes playing football. Maybe it's David who's left me for the fitness instructor, and George is his daughter? Nope, sorry the analogy has broken down there.
  12. For all those who 'don't get' why people are are still bitter about the George Hirst situation, let me try to explain There are very few true legends of our club in living memory, but David Hirst is one of them. You always like to think that it's a two way street. For example, it fills me with joy to hear Carlton Palmer talk about how much he loves Wednesday. That's why people lost it when Paolo 'misplaced' his player of the year trophy that time. Since Hirst's time we've been in steady decline (and sometimes free fall), gradually becoming a bottom half premier team, then relegated to the championship, then league 1, enduring strikers like Kim Olson, Leon Clarke, David Graham, Jay Bothroyd, Francis Jeffers. We've watched some absolute dross over the years. But then you hear there's a kid in the youth team that's a real prospect. A local lad. He's a striker as well. Banging goals in for the development squad and the England youth teams. Oh yeah, and David Hirst's his dad! It was all so perfect. So it was always going to be a blow to lose him. Especially when we offered him the best contact we'd ever offered a youth player. And then the real kick in the teeth, was the loophole to the Belgian club that kinda suggests that David Hirst (and Nigel Pearson) aren't really that bothered about Wednesday afterall. So yes, it's total bitterness and sour grapes that we never got to see George Hirst be successful for Wednesday. But that's the life of a football supporter isn't it?
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