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  1. That's the problem watching it on TV. I think it's much easier to pick out a formation watching live in the ground. Also, those average position maps very rarely show anything that looks like 442. A few seasons ago, Kieren Lee was often our furthest forward player on that basis
  2. Didn't Nuhiu leave before we signed Patterson and Flint?
  3. Got to say, GM deserves some credit today. The Luongo pseudo-centre half thing could have been a disaster, but they pulled it off. Bold move and got their rewards
  4. Everytime I see Birmingham, they look terrible. Don't know how they keep grinding out a reasonable league position every season.
  5. Cardiff fans seem to think they're being robbed, so that's a good sign. Hard worker, 'character', versatile, sounds like a good addition
  6. Van Aken is a compromise. If you're going to play 3 at the back, I think you need at least one who's decent on the ball and can pick a pass. JVA is that man, but he's not that dependable as a defender. Bit like a poor man's David Luiz
  7. Hair transplant looks like it's bedded in...
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