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  1. Me too (first match, not the child abuse thing)
  2. Go on Dejphon This whole situation strikes me as the EFL deciding retrospectively that what we did was wrong. I'm not an accountant, so happy to be put right on this, but unless the EFL have stated their own bespoke accounting practices, then presumably the default is standard industry practice. If we've followed general accounting practice, then the EFL are way out on a limb here. If DC asks "where does it say I can't do this?" and the EFL have no answer, then they're f*cked, and we should take them to the cleaners
  3. I might try being a global business man, all you've got to do is move money around and that
  4. Is this ok with HMRC though? I don't know enough about accounting to know whether you can backdate and offset things in these circumstances, but presumably that's what our accountant did. It would be very strange to me if the accounts were accepted as being legit by HMRC, but not the EFL. You would need to run two parallel sets of accounts in that case?
  5. If we can just sell our share in the "England band" for about 40-50 million...
  6. Didn't realise there were so many accountants and lawyers on here...
  7. We didn't just lump it up to Fletcher, we lumped it up to Nuhiu for a bit as well... Seriously though, I though it was a decent performance against a tough Stoke side who won't stay bottom 3 for long. I watched it on telly and did have a smile when the co-commentator said that the midfield was full of 'horrible people' It was that sort of game, great if you win, kick in the teeth if you lose.
  8. Rhodes did about as much as Fletcher (also on massive wages), probably because both came on when the game was already lost.
  9. Does that not include making yourself available to receive a pass?
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