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  1. I'd be quite happy to see modern football implode
  2. Wait for the presser tomorrow... "So he sez, sorry Mr Hancock, I've just selt last one to Sam Winnall..."
  3. I think we can all agree that reducing your salary by 63% would be worse. Clearly the match day income, by definition pays for 'something', but it's obvious that DC was making the point that he pays for the majority. Yes, the wording was a little clumsy, but the point was quite clear to me
  4. I take it you've read Paolo's book? The writing was on the wall before the Alcock incident. Remember being gutted reading it as he goes on about how much he loves Celtic and West Ham, us not so much. Compare that to CP's book. He was a tremendous player though
  5. Remember seeing him at Sheffield Arena when masters football first started. Think there was a Liverpool team there with some big names playing. When all the legs had gone and it was down to brains and ability, he was the best player there by a mile
  6. Bloody club, selling things cheaper. Why can't the just keep them at £50, or up them to £75 instead of exploiting us?
  7. Bazza's still paying off that hair transplant to be fair
  8. Open trials at Hillsborough park. Just fishing my boots out of the garage now
  9. Nice pic of Carlos getting perilously close to the edge of his technical area (pre Topman glasses)
  10. Funny story to be fair, people reading far too much into this
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