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  1. Yeah, and in fairness to him, I'm glad he's started lower down the league, rather than just moaning about not getting a premier league job
  2. I just can't see Sol Campbell as a manager. Whenever I hear him speak, he just wants to talk about how amazing he is. Clearly sees Macclesfield as a stepping stone (didn't he basically say that in his first press conference!), and would no doubt view us in the same way
  3. What differentiates somebody like Frank Lampard, for example, from Lee Bullen? Or even Zidane before he took the Madrid job first time? Ok, they had better playing careers, but what would you want to see to demonstrate that an ex player would be a good manager?
  4. Just when I thought my opinion of Richard Keys couldn't get any lower...
  5. Bullen could just get it on an extended caretaker basis, that would be my guess. If it starts going off track and/or a better option becomes available, then bully could revert to assistant
  6. So him and Shearer were talking about this two weeks before the "walking the dog" speech.
  7. Abelardo, or Luis Enrique if he takes the Spain job. Both massive Wednesdayites
  8. He did alright at Birmingham, but really this get more attention than it deserves because of how they sacked him for Zola. Did nothing at Stoke with a very talented bunch
  9. If you start with a long list of every manager in world football then it could take significantly longer than a week. You'd need to sound out who's available, how much they'd cost, interview candidates, agree wages, transfer budget, compensation etc. In no other business would you appoint somebody with responsibility for a multi-million pound operation in a week
  10. I'm sure he's sitting at home outraged that he's not the bookies favorite
  11. Didn't he just get sacked by that Belgian 2nd division team?
  12. I agree to a point, it didn't take a genius to improve on Jos by starting Westwood and Hutchinson. I do think Bullen get's unfairly written off as a no hoper though - mostly off the back of one defeat to Burton Albion. He may not want the job full time, but is he any worse than Zola, Rowitt, McClaren etc? I think it's a valid point, that we could take our time to decide on the right man. By that I don't mean do nothing for a month, but just go through a proper shortlisting and recruitment process ,while Bullen holds the fort
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