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  1. emersonthome

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Heard this stat yesterday too. Great example of how simplistic it is to say "No clean sheets" = "keeper must be rubbish". I'm surprised how well Dawson has done this season. Expected one or two clangers from him due to inexperience, but can't remember any so far. I do remember a couple of saves where I thought - not sure Westwood would have got to that. I really think this is getting so counter productive now. We are clearly looking to off load Westwood, he's not played for ages due to injury and selection so bound to be a bit rusty. What would be the point of bringing him back in between now and January when he leaves? Good keeper for us in his day, but time to move on
  2. A drunk, bearded Cantona. Strutting his 20 stone in front of the back 4, pointing and shouting at people
  3. emersonthome


    He's 23, it's his first full season, and after 10 games I can't remember us conceding a goal that was his fault. I can remember him making some great reflex saves though
  4. Leeds look a very fit team, and considering they were meant to be promoted by Christmas, I'll take a point
  5. emersonthome

    Owls v Pigs U23’s 7pm

    Hooper with first team tomorrow?
  6. Think I heard someone call him a cult...
  7. emersonthome

    Forest thoughts

    Wow. Everyone's entitled to their opinion I suppose, but couldn't disagree more with this
  8. emersonthome

    What did Morgan Fox have for breakfast?

    Good to see Fox getting some credit for his performance last night. There's always a minority though, who are so entrenched in the "Fox is rubbish" mantra, that they can't see he had a good game. If a 28 year old Paolo Maldini turned out for us with Fox on the back of his shirt, some would still insist he was garbage
  9. Yeah, great... but it's not really an answer is it?
  10. emersonthome


    Once would probably do. 3 possible reasons 1) Jos thinks Dawson is a better keeper 2) Jos has fallen out with KW/ thinks he's disruptive 3) There's a contractual/ finance reason. You've already ruled out 1, so is it 2 or 3, and how do you know?
  11. I think it was a fair question. Players were injured under Carlos, but what is the evidence that it was his fault and not bad luck? Were youth team players actually told that "they had no chance of playing, ever", or were they just deemed not to warrant a place in the team at that time? Were "non favourites" told that they would only play when there was no other option, or were they just treated as squad players (like at every other club in the league)? Did players really turn up for training whenever they wanted, or was it agreed that certain players wouldn't train all the time (as is common with lots of players with injury concerns) Fair enough if you have info from inside the club, but it sounds at bit like you're jumping to conclusions to suit your argument
  12. I still remember going to watch us get knocked out of the league cup by Cambridge, while Man Utd and Barcelona were playing out a 3-3 draw on telly