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  1. Christ, I'd just about got over that. Main memory of Thome is him looking like he actually gave a poo , in a pretty poor and demoralised side
  2. Interestingly when we signed Lazaar, my mate who's a Newcastle fan said he was "utter sh*te" opinions eh?
  3. Got a mention the end of Jim White's show just now. Danny Murphy wasn't on, but White basically suggested it was Wednesday who had an issue with it. Words to the effect of "they shouldn't have given him the job if they had a problem with it..." Fair play to Bob Mills who pointed out that Wednesday don't seem to seem to have an issue with it, without going as far as calling his mate out for being a tvvat.
  4. No, no, we should have pressed them on the edge of their own box and let Odoi have a race with Morgan Fox from the half way line. Easy this football management...
  5. Managing a championship football team and watching a bit of cricket require very different levels of commitment
  6. A bottom half championship club sitting back against one of the best teams in the country, hoping to nick a goal or force a replay isn't a difficult concept either. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, the top 5 prem team comes out on top whatever tactics you play, because they've got better players
  7. Also, why make it a rolling requirement over 3 years? just encourages clubs to gamble one year, then be screwed for the next 2
  8. Average age same as Leeds. What's your point?
  9. Don't agree with any name calling etc. But "man gets train" is hardly a story?
  10. You think the D in D-Taxis might not stand for Dejphon?
  11. Fair point on the recklessness. Whilst I thought Boyd for example was a decent player before he came, he did seem like another unnecessary signing - crazy in hindsight with the FFP situation going on. I honestly don't see the contempt for the fans though. There's been a few out of context quotes, like the Jordan Rhodes one and the one from the other night "your money doesn't pay for anything..." which I understand was actually a misquote. I think what he probably doesn't get though is that while he is spending more in absolute terms, it's probably easier for him to spend £10m on a player than it is for a working man from Sheffield with kids and a mortgage to spend 600-700 quid on a season ticket
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