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  1. They call us the pigs !? which I think is very weird. We call United the pigs and they call us the pigs but I just call Rotherham, Rotherham.
  2. What you on about you complete mentalist
  3. I’m not Liam Shaw and you’re not funny, given by your name my guess would be your at least in your 50’s and to write a horrible post like that is the stuff I would expect of 7 year old… and a horrible 7 year old at that. You can’t go off like that in this day and age and why would you want to? Why do you hate a 20 something year old for going to Celtic, why do you want his career to take a nose dive because he left us ? why does that wrankle you so much that you want it to serve as some sort of warning to any young players who might want to leave us in the future? I’ll tell you why, because your a horrible, bitter, nasty weirdo! Grow up and f*** off! D!ckH3ad! happy to get an Owlstalk banning order for this one Neil, get posters like this one off here . Got to be some sort of standards haven’t there ?
  4. I honestly can’t believe some of the comments on this thread. I’m not desperate for him back or anything, I’m just not completely filled with bitterness and hatred for him which it seems like some grown men on here actually are. He left for completely understandable reasons. Some people take football and supporting Wednesday far too seriously. It’s like all rational perspective goes out of the window. he’s just a young lad trying to make his way in life. Just say you wouldn’t mind him back or you’re not fussed about him back. No need to be nasty, it’s weird more than anything else and make you look weird for writing it.
  5. Hang on mate, he didn’t believe his own hype! He just got offered the chance to join a massive club and took it, the one he was playing for was getting relegated and not paying players at the time . is that how you mind works, if they leave Wednesday you can just say whatever you want about people. club was vindicated - we did offer him a contract so not like we encouraged him to walk away.? letting him stew will be a good lesson for younger people ? God your a nasty piece of work aren’t you. What a completely horrible person you must be!
  6. I still think a fully fit Iorfa is a very good centre back. If he can get a preseason in him and he can stay fit, I personally see no reason why he couldn’t be our best defender next season.
  7. Why don’t you think Iorfa’s in the plan ? Have you heard something or just you’re opinion?
  8. Not sure which players but I heard we once made one player eat only rice pudding for a month because they did a foul throw. Didn’t even let him put a dollop of Jam on it……Disgusting!
  9. What were there thoughts on Mcburnie and Brewster. ? FFS man your obsessed
  10. Yes it is wise, he’s quality, he loves it here and is only 29. it’s not like Mike’s suggesting Ben10
  11. All day long, is this actually happening or just a suggestion
  12. 7 out of 10 Not well enough balanced for me but lives up to his user name no question.
  13. Not a lot we can do about the finances. You could send Chansiri a strongly worded email about his financial management but I’m not sure he would be bothered. I think we’ve all been concerned about it for a while but unless you’ve got £130 Million kicking about at the back of your wardrobe, all we can do is strap ourselves in and hope for the best. In terms of the tactics, I’m not sure he fell on it as much as realising we needed 2 up top. I think we were all saying the same at the time. He’s used the other system (4-2-3-1) successfully at Rotherham, he knows how to deploy it. It just didn’t work with the players we brought in last time. Not sure why. Hopefully he’ll get the right players for it if he wants to use it this season.
  14. Signing him in the next Window Allie want for Christmas
  15. What am I Iooking in the dictionary for ? I’ve honestly got no idea what’s going on now. Do you want me to look up the definition of the word rival ? why do you want me to do that ? I just said Patterson will get game time. Are you ok?
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