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  1. No, it’s not happening, I can’t believe so many are buying into it.
  2. I want you to lose! who says we’re sacking Moore if we lose tomorrow anyway? I can’t see it mate. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t given the season regardless. Hoping we lose though! Shame on you and all of your pets! Traitor!!
  3. So, no investment this January while the "take over" talks rumble on. Then surprise, surprise! The "take over" falls through early Feb. Cellini at Leeds used to do this every transfer window. We don't even own the stadium. No one is buying 25ish league 1 players and a run down training ground for 130m; which is/was Chansiri's asking price. Southampton just got bought for 100m. No one is buying Wednesday for more than that. Call me a cynical sausage by all means but we aren't getting sold, this is just a smoke screen for no January investment in my opinion.
  4. I would prefer a new shiny stadium personally. The Old Girl is exactly that, she’s completely battered and we’ve still got the stigma of what happened with the Hillsborough disaster. Phoenix Club - Sheffield Super Owls FC playing at the Microsoft Bowl. That’s what I’m after these days. We would soon get used to it. I’ll still have the memories but most of those from the last 20 odds years are pretty awful to be honest. I’m close my eyes and see James O’Conner sprinting around midfield like he’s running in treacle. let’s start again, I vote Shwexit.
  5. How do you know that he's no better than what we have? Who would you be happy to be linked to ?
  6. You're asking for trouble, coming on here with your sensible analysis. Who do you think you are?
  7. I expect us to yo yo between league 1 and the Championship for the rest of my days.
  8. Carlton and his Dad Roland and his Dad David and his Dad Chris and his Dad Peter and his Mum and Dad Nigel and his Dad
  9. Phoenix Club Sheffield Super Owls FC we’ll play on the carpark at Morrison’s in Hillsborough and all our players must be direct descendants of Mick Lyons.
  10. One that can be Angry and Happy at the same time. Thoughtful but wildly compulsive. A tactical mastermind that sticks to basics.
  11. We definitely looked a much better team under Bruce. Maybe the “some part” he improved was non football based - like the towels.
  12. Maybe we could add that as a tag line underneath the picture. either that or, Mick Lyons - his favourite food is razor blades
  13. Heard he used to set himself on fire at half time to keep warm.
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