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  1. We’re pretty weak at left back. why is less than top 2 a massive failure? it’s our first season in a league that we know nothing about with a bunch of new players, brought in for free. What are your expectations based upon to make it a massively failure?
  2. The fans don't decide when the manager goes the Chairman does. I don't want us to get rid of Moore yet and my argument for that would be 1. We have a lot of new, players, some of them who are inexperienced 2. We still aren't a million miles away from the play off places. If we are changing the manager it has to be for the right reasons. if it's just another hopeful role of the dice, then why not just gamble on giving the current manager longer to get to grips with things. it took Sir Alex Ferguson a while to get things right so who's to say DM wont be the same. Promotion was always going to be difficult. When isn't it? If you believe we should change managers now then 1. Who is the right type of manager? 2. Are they available? 3. Is it likely that Chansiri will employee them? - we could end up with some guy from the Romanian second tier. I just don't understand why people who probably can't answer those three questions (I don't think anyone can answer question 3) feel we should change manager now. What's the point in risking the upheaval of a new manager at the moment? It hasn't worked the last 3 times. I'm not saying we should be indefinitely patient with DM if it's not working but surely he's is wort a bit more time that this, before we plunge into the random Manger tombola again.
  3. What have you seen from Shodipo that makes you think that other teams would be scared of him ? All i've seen is a light weight wide forward who is very easily marked out of the game. Would like to see more of Corbeanu though.
  4. Shodipo has looked very easy to mark. Much easy than Gregory and Paterson
  5. I thought Brown could play there until Luongo is fit and we can move Bannan left. Brown has a good game then a bad game so if he can sort his consistency out I think he could do a job there. windass to come in for Corbeanu probably and yeah Palmer can play either full back and Johnson could push forward. I just think the balance is better with Brown and Johnson than Palmer. but I get what your saying, Browns not been at his best recently
  6. 1. Play this team BPF Hunt Iorfa. Hutch. Johnson. Adeniran FDB Bannan Brown Gregory Corbeanu 2. Get balls and bodies in the box. 3. Get the guys not in the team playing in the u23's games - Sow, Shodipo, Kamberi, Byer, Wing, Gibson (whoever's not injured) - get them scoring goals, making assists, doing tackles and enjoying playing football to get their confidence up and increase pressure for places for the right reasons. Competition for places needs to be about who's pushing for game time not about who's making the fewest mistakes.
  7. Yeah Neil! When will you accept that real supporters, you know, the proper ones, they boo their own players.
  8. I wouldn’t describe Wednesday fans as patient and whatt else can we do? boo so Chansiri sells the club? will that work? or will we just being grown men booing like we’re at a pantomime? Chansiri wants 130 million for the club. He’s a business man and he’s named his price, us booing isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference about him selling the club. If you want to boo though, you definitely should. “He’s behind you!”, “ohhhh, no he isn’t!”
  9. I didn’t say it wasn’t, but I think Booings a bit silly and I’m not sure much good can come of it personally. im not the booing police though mate, you want to boo then you can boo your head off as far as I’m concerned.
  10. If it makes you feel better then boo. I wouldn’t boo but when we play rubbish I only clap 5 times, then i pull a sad face. that’s as far as I’ll go though. When we win I skip down Middlewood road singing Glory, Glory, Sheffield Wednesday !
  11. No one likes an “I told you so” I’m happy to give Moore all season as long as we are in touching difference of the playoffs. I didn’t expect to go up this season. that said, I do think it’s time for a change of formation to a 4.4.2. and for us to go more direct. BPF Hunt Iorfa. Hutch. Johnson. Adeniran FDB Bannan Brown Gregory Corbeanu happy for Palmer to come in at either fullback and Dunkley to come in at Centre Back. Luongo can come into the middle when fit. Paterson or Gregory to start alongside Corbeanu- just because I want to have a look at him upfront and I think he could provide a link and drop into a number “10” when needed. If that doesn’t work Berahino and Kamberi would be next in the pecking order for me. Ultimately Windass to come into that role and be a number 10 pushing up alongside the other striker.
  12. Isn’t this how we were playing when Gregory was completely isolated? Corbeanu hugs the right hand touch line when played on the right and Shodipo climbs inside the right backs back pocket. I think Gregory would just get isolated again. I do like that defence and midfield but the attack doesn’t work for me so I would like to see us go 4.4.2. for a bit. Get back to basics and build from there. Also, anyone putting Shodipo in there starting eleven hasn’t got any eyes.
  13. So, not worth a try in a central strike force then. Fair enough.
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