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  1. This is the same as me, if only I had known what was coming, I would have probably got in to rugby
  2. some of their (not all) performances this season probably. They're both decent young midfielders at this level in my opinion
  3. More of a no-nonsense type though wasn't he, very brave and good positionally, shame he's signed a new contract though
  4. Millmoor, often referred to as Las Vegas because it’s built on a site of the old Gamble and Ramble factory that used to make and export poker chips to the Sin City before they had casinos there. Many people think Millmoor is named so because it was built on a moor which had Mills on it but surprisingly there was never a Moor there and the mills were on the other side of the road and were largely sh!t
  5. I think links with this type of player shows we are looking at the bigger picture. He's not too flash but we don't want to be focussing to much on him or, overexposing his availability on here. I hear the French club Lens are also keen on him.
  6. Knock it all down and re build an enclosed stadium with safe standing, steep sides, 2 big screens, better hospitality areas, wide and welcoming concourses and those cool beer pumps that fill your pint up from the bottom. Re name it - The Chansiri Bowl.
  7. Supporting Wednesday for the last 25 years has been mostly rubbish. The atmosphere and attendance have gradually faded. It won’t get better unless we get back into the premier league. We have a generation of fans who have never seen a top flight Wednesday team. We could try putting safe standing back on the Kop. I think that would improve attendance and atmosphere a bit .
  8. They probably have discussed it but they might need to have some serious conversations now about the best ways to implement the plans they have. We probably won’t be the only teams after some of the players we have ear marked and their stock could have risen etc. It’s one thing having a plan and another thing executing that plan. Its good that they are talking in my opinion. Hopefully it bodes well for a summer of strong recruitment.
  9. Not sure about the advisors, some one said that Paixao Chap was there on Monday. I imagine Chansiri still has some advisors around. Has Chansiri even been to a game this season ? He must get some updates from some advisors. The loan player situation I have no idea, Other than BPF and Storey who I would deffo like back next season I wasn’t that fussed. I liked the look of Dean obviously but I would have some concerns about his fitness and he will be expensive to sign, I’m sure he will get a championship club anyway. Same with Gibson in terms of fitness, if he could prove his fitness he looked decent and is a good age to keep improving. Hopefully, if we can spend a bit, we can get some really high quality premiership loans in and get them earlier in the window. Does anyone know who our scouting and player assessment team are / if we have one…. Do we still have the same guys Bruce brought in ? They were supposed to be decent weren’t they ?
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