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  1. Great header! Liverpool look all over the place, and it's wonderful...
  2. Listening to 5Live on the way back with those two hats Savage and Sutton...Exeter fan was asked who their player of the season was and he said Dawson, never puts a foot wrong and makes great saves. Year away in league 2 has seemingly done well for his confidence.
  3. Mine has arrived today, so I'd assume a lot of others should be too!
  4. Same, awaiting one ticket order on the second day of sale. Guessing the Ticket Office got overloaded with MK Dons sales....
  5. Great post. Posted on a thread after one of our away games this season (maybe Sunderland) where I thought our 'support' - getting behind the team vocally rather than showing up in numbers - has dropped over the past few years. Best atmosphere I feel this season has either been Pompey or Cambridge, where we were under the cosh and we got behind the team. Donny was excellent but only after we equalised. As you say, people seem to spend more time with their phones out filming how amazing our support is to share online without actually getting behind the team.
  6. Hi @Evanwawaw, have a concession available if you still need it.
  7. My Dad can't make it so have one concession ticket for bottom tier, face value.
  8. Apologies, seen thr other thread! Mods please delete this thread
  9. Bolton seem to be struggling with injuries ahead of Saturday following their game this week...luckily Lee doesn't look to be involved as well. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/afolayan-santos-dempsey-injury-update-23625014
  10. Basic things for a CB like positioning to win a header is massively off at the moment...continually caught under the ball, timing his jumps, etc. Also felt he could have got a lot closer to their goalscorer when he clocked him coming into the box. Maybe just match sharpness.
  11. If the image is correct, as this is within the 5 week time period, it appears both clubs are responsible for taking the money and shafting the fans.
  12. Wolves fans only seem to sing Liverpool songs from the sounds of it....
  13. I'd agree on Shipston based on watching the U18s Cup game at Hillsborough. Had a commanding presence, used his height and strength well and always looked to have a forward pass.
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