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  1. I spoke to her at the fans forum. She was genuinely frustrated at the fact that DC wouldn’t take advice from anyone.
  2. All we need is something official updating us. Doesn’t need to have any details just a statement that gives us some reassurance that the club is moving forward with plans to mitigate the current issues. This no comment at all stuff just makes everyone jittery
  3. Haha I saw Carlos too. I also notice Katrien was back sat in her usual seat clapping along to hi ho Sheffield Wednesday
  4. Saw him play for U23’s against Crewe. A kid in front of me asked him what was happening. He replied he’d been dropped into the reserves and with a shrug of his shoulders and a smile he said “what can you do”
  5. George was sat in the directors box with Fessi this afternoon
  6. George Hirst was at the match yesterday we saw him getting out of a big Merc outside the South stand near where the coach’s cars are normally parked. He was also in the directors box for the cup match last week sat next to the U23’s coach. I’ve also seen him watching the U23’s when they’ve played at Hillsborough
  7. How many have we sold. The online booking system is trying to sell me South Stand tickets right in the bottom corner near the west stand
  8. Bar Bon Dia in Puerto Pollensa will put it on for you. Brilliant little bar for watching sport
  9. Mate at work is WBA season ticket holder -Megson is still a hero down there - he created a good organised effective team. He probably knows more about the current Wednesday strengths and weaknesses than anyone else out there
  10. Anyone know for certain whether we can pay on the gate at Boro tomorrow. Expected to see something on OS - but nothing has been posted.
  11. I had the Balti and it was bone dry just unlucky I guess. Certainly looks to be a lot more choice.
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