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  1. Sorry to put this in here, but would anyone have a copy of the 1962 programme v Ajax for Redfern Froggats testimonial? I need a high resolution scan of the cover, so I can print it big (so at least 300 dpi). It will be framed and hung in my friends bar in Amsterdam. Any help would be great.
  2. It was my dad, not pleasant at school after
  3. http://www.locos-in-profile.co.uk/Prints/LNER/Footballers/Pages/Sheffield_Wednesday.html
  4. East Bank Gents Present... Defeated Pig 2. http://www.eastbankgentlemensclub.co.uk/
  5. Everyone makes mistakes, lets hope Milan learns from this one...
  6. Thats not from the replay, here is the only video online I can find of the replay, its towards the end somewhere
  7. Just added screen grab from the replay video
  8. Doesn't seem to be having a great time of it at the moment Whelan
  9. Complete lack of thought gone into them... disgusting
  10. Know Ian well, he's slowly but surely building tdr back up
  11. According to every fan of every club we've signed someone from or from where they have been released, we've signed the sh1ttest of the poo , well f*ck em. I wanna see what they do for us...
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