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  1. What’s with people these days expecting instant success? maybe having 15 managers in 20 years is the problem ? Mangers just ain’t given any time these days.
  2. I wonder how many forest fans and Man Utd fans thought the same with clough and fergie. mom not saying moore is at their level but they had time to build and mould their squads. Not given 8/9 games before being written off.
  3. Moore’s still trying to figure out his best 11. Early early days. Not like we were going to win the league without losing a game was it. Wouldn’t be the Wednesday way
  4. No denying we’ve been poor but I guess this just highlights the problem with a good start, people expect us to walk the league or something.
  5. Not the best footballer but gives 110% and does a lot of the dirty work that get unnoticed in games.
  6. The first two years. People like to pretend he was always clueless but those first 2 years are the best years since the 90’s
  7. Got it spot on today. It was their cup final at home and he set up perfectly for it. Nice to see him shake it up a bit and even though it wasn’t pretty to watch, we ground out the 3pts.
  8. Moore had a plan and it worked. I don’t think they would of scored if the game went on till 5 pm. We missed hutch a bit but on a whole I think we did exactly what moore was aiming to do. Have we actually turned a corner now ? We seem to be a proper football club again
  9. ‘Did you ever hear the tale of Darth Waddle the wise?’
  10. Can’t believe some of the posts on this . It’s almost like we have a mega long season and a manger who still hasn’t seen all the players ply together. I’ll trust Moore’s plan over some armchair supporters who seem to always moan
  11. Completely agree. If Leeds and blunts can win this division why can’t we ? I’m not hippy but it does make you wonder about positive thinking, Leeds fans have always had a bit of arrogance about them, even when they were proper crap but look where they are now. I’m going full on positive until Xmas , Moore is the man !
  12. I’m off to be positive this year and I think we can win it too. I am tiered of being skeptical and always expecting the worst, we need to get rid of “ the Wednesday way” mentality. Moore and DC seem to of gone about things the right way and the feeling around the club is absolutely buzzing right now so I’m just embracing it for a change … and if the blunts and Leeds can win it then why can’t we !
  13. Turns out he’s one of us , also thought he was one of their stand out players https://www.fleetwoodtownfc.com/news/2021/august/biggins-post-sheffield-wednesday-a/?fbclid=IwAR1VujApoJqsHb0ujRhjLit2adlvTJlMHQ_377WfmZ3VRQnclXirfMRRM3Q
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