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  1. Only just seen this thread ! I think ya full of it and I can smell ya from here !! Go and stir a bit of sh*t somewhere else !! #uto
  2. Iceland FC Think he’s been frozen out at the moment, so possibly up for a transfer #uto
  3. Thought we were quality yesterday ! With forced changes up front, and at the back after last week there needed to be. After a dominant first half, we showed that we can defend as well !! A four point tally after two games = promotion in my eyes !! #uto
  4. That ship as sailed ! #uto
  5. I agree, to be honest I’m very happy with what we have signed !
  6. Maybe not it was only a conversation starter !! #uto
  7. Heneghan is a fantastic signing, the price means nothing !! The scouting does #uto
  8. On the other hand Dean only made 7 appearances for us !! #uto
  9. Exactly my thoughts, but Dean hasn’t either !! Me personally I’d go for Hector ! #uto
  10. It’s a fcuking mess !! #uto
  11. Everyone seems hell bent on Harlee Dean signing, wrong side of 30 and on big wages ! Or would going for Hector on short contact ( season ) and paying him a descent wage, and maybe looking to extend that when we are promoted !! #uto
  12. Think you are spot on !! Wing backs are first and foremost a defender, he cost us on Saturday !! #uto
  13. Exactly the reply I was expecting !! #uto
  14. Just can’t get mi head round the love in for Harlee Dean, good player yes , but the wrong side of 30 And he only made 7 appearances for us !! #uto
  15. Agreed ! I think a calm head was all that was missing yesterday !! #uto
  16. We need Hector back ! #uto
  17. Starting Fizz in the first game of the season, tells me he’s well and truly in Darren Moore’s plans. And so he should be !! #uto
  18. Fizz ! An outstanding performance from an outstanding player, I’m sure there will be some serious backtracking from a lot of posters who were quite happy to let him leave the other week !! #uto
  19. I wish I never jumped in, the water just seemed so appealing !! #uto
  20. Excellent evening !! Thought Darren Moore came across very well. He knows we’re going up !! #uto
  21. Just been told, at least one player of the three we are expecting will sign today !! #uto
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