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  1. Was told today 3 more signing’s next week, and one of them will be a very unexpected one . #uto
  2. That was excellent ! Obviously done his research, and to be honest I would agree with most of the things he said !! #uto
  3. He’s already met the lads, I did say his signature was expected this week !! #uto
  4. so many answers there. ! But I really ya barking up the wrong tree ! #uto
  5. That signing will be sorted before the weekend, I’m told he will be an owl and he’s looking forward to contributing to a promotion season !! #uto
  6. Wednesday Don’t care Don’t care Don't care Don't care Don't care Not a cat in hells chance Derby will be anywhere near the playoffs !! #uto
  7. WOW !! You op up more on here than your own site, are you really what you seem !! #uto
  8. We’ll I’ll be going even if you’re not !! #uto
  9. It’ll be a big crowd and on tv. And a victory for the lads !! #uto
  10. To be honest the away shirt should be a cool looking yellow one end of !! The debate on how many points we get wearing home or the away shirts is irrelevant. Win all the home games and draw away or vice versa =. Promotion !! #uto
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