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  1. I like Nolan. Very composed, not bad on the ball and also not scared to get forward. Plus he can play anywhere in the back 4. Get him signed!!!
  2. He wants to make his mind up Post #20 Last year, for the first year in 4, I bought two STs (rather more as a gesture than anything, only been to 4 home games) and have to say that as the Customer I am disgusted and will absolutely NOT be renewing. Post #990 Other than that, all I have done in the past 14 days is endure a horrific 2 hours of traffic on the M4 to get to the most deflating game I have seen in forever and renew my ST.
  3. Grant Nolan Purse Beevers Spurr Tudgay Soares Macalister Gray JJ Clarke
  4. That should be directed to Lee Strafford really. I would assume the majority of season ticket holders will renew at the first deadline (the cheapest price) but at the moment the "product" is rubbish and the uncertainty over whether we will be in the 3rd division next year means that lots will not renew at this early stage and possibly not renew at all given that by the end of the season the price will have gone up and the team might have gone down.
  5. If C9S want to be taken seriously then they should stop fannying about with delays, 2 sets of figures etc and get something concrete done THIS WEEK. One glance at the league table will tell them we don't have time for protracted negotiations, we need action and resources now. 3 or 4 quality loan players now could save us, the current squad have over the last 4-5 months proved that they are not up to the job and the sooner they go the better.
  6. Agreed. The club needs a massive rethink now on the subject of season ticket deadlines.
  7. Im not renewing mine, first time in 30 years Im not having a season ticket. And Im not the only one of our group that isnt renewing. Dont like the fact that if I want my seat at last years price Ive got to do it before next week. Never known any club nevermind SWFC asking fans to pay for their season ticket 6 months+ before theyre gonna use it. Good point made on Praise and Grumble last night, if its good enough for Club9 sports to wait until the relegation issue has been decided before commiting their money then it should be good enough for the fans as well. Im a big fan of LS and what he's trying to do for SWFC but this is a massive own goal. It needs a huge rethink now or we will have less than 10,000 season ticket holders next year, especially if we're in the 3rd division. For the first time in 30 years ill pick my matches. :Dark Sad:
  8. Its not gonna happen. Lets move on
  9. Well it looks like Neil's sources are as good as the Yorkshire Post's
  10. Im still waiting for this brilliant news that Neil knows about. Has it happened yet? Come on Neil whens it happening? Or has Fattybear become another hit 'n run poster?!!
  11. Paul Anderson is not even a Forest player is he? Thought he was on season loan from ?Liverpool
  12. Steve Howard from Luton Sam Sodje from Reading
  13. Im the eternal pessimist so Im already prepared for the bad news. We will be a selling club unless AI can produce a miracle and get us to the Premier league.
  14. They are good. That good that surely Laws will be re-signing them all for Burnley in the next week or so
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